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Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities seem to vanish when children are homeschooled.

Resources here for support, legal assistance, curriculum, plans, and more.

Falling Through the Cracks
I have three children and all three of the are doing poorly in school this year. It seems to me that the system is failing my children. I would like your thoughts and opinions and maybe some advice.

How to Help Overcome Speech-Language Difficulties in the Home Schooled Child
By Dr. Linda Kennedy. Speech-language disorders are common in children and are among the most difficult problems to detect, especially in a homeschool setting.

Light and Learning
If you want to see an immediate improvement in attitude in your family, replace pink and cool white fluorescent lighting with full spectrum light bulbs inside your home.

Discussion about homeschooling kids with learning or physical disabilities.

Another American Family Corrupted
This is a tale of two families, two 5 year olds, and two educational paths that are rapidly converging. Yes, I’ve “corrupted” yet another family — convinced them that for some children, homeschooling is the best option.

Finding Help
Homeschooling a child with disabilities, special circumstances, unique characteristics, different learning styles, or whatever one wishes to call an unusual challenge, can be done.

Getting Ready for College: Advising High School Students with Learning Disabilities
Students with learning disabilities can, and do have successful undergraduate experiences. High school students with learning disabilities who are considering going to college should be encouraged to pursue this goal.

Homeschooling and the Child with NLD
I am often asked by the parents of a child with NLD if I would recommend homeschooling for their child, or if I think they should pull their child out of public school for a period of time, until an appropriate program is developed for their child within the system. By Sue Thompson, MA, CET, on NLDline.com.

Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities
You may have a child with learning or attention problems that you feel are beyond your ability to teach. Don’t panic. Realize that, as hardworking and well trained as the best special-education teachers are, you have many advantages. By Kathy Kuhl.

Homeschooling Moms/LC’s Teaching Kids with Disabilities
This Facebook group was set up at the request of several moms/guardians with kids who have physical, emotional and/or mental disabilities, particularly Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety.

Homeschooling LD/ADD Children: Great Idea or Big Mistake?
Homeschooling is rapidly becoming recognized as a reasonable option for disgruntled parents who can’t get their local schools to provide the special services their LD/ADD children must have in order to succeed. From LD Online.

Learning-Abled Kids
Sandy Cook had the concept that children with specific learning disabilities are learning-ABLED, not ‘disabled’, as the world sees them. Thus, Learning Abled Kids was born and seeks to provide information and tools to help parents circumvent their child’s disabilities in order to expand their Abilities.

When Traditional Schools Fail: Homeschooling May Be a Better Option
If your child is demoralized by their poor grades, receives detention for forgetting books, is looked down upon by teachers, or is bullied by classmates, they may be a candidate for homeschooling. By Lynne Ticknor, ADDitude Magazine.

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