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LGBT and Homeschooling

Locating Gender-inclusive Homeschool Support Groups on A2Z

A search on “gender” on my site will turn up support groups that proclaim themselves not to discriminate because of gender identity. If you know of a support group that is welcoming to LGBT parents and children, and it does not show up on this list, please leave a comment below or contact me using the form.

It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living

It Gets Better:
Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living

by Dan Savage and Terry MillerEvery story can change a life.Growing up isn’t easy. Many young people face daily tormenting and bullying, and this is especially true for LGBT kids and teens. In response to a number of tragic suicides by LGBT students, syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage uploaded a video to YouTube with his partner, Terry Miller. Speaking openly about the bullying they suffered, and how they both went on to lead rewarding adult lives, their video launched the It Gets Better Project YouTube channel and initiated a worldwide phenomenon.It Gets Better is a collection of original essays and expanded testimonials written to teens from celebrities, political leaders, and everyday people, because while many LGBT teens can’t see a positive future for themselves, we can.
Kindle Edition

For LGBT Kids who are Homeschooled

7 Ways Christian Homeschooling Parents Can Support LGBT Kids: Theo’s Thoughts
Some background for consideration: I am a homeschool graduate, now in college. I identify (right now) as queer and trans*. I no longer practice my parents’ religion, but I grew up in a conservative-evangelical Christian community. Certain aspects of that culture have not only made it difficult for me to understand and accept myself, but also deeply harmed my relationship with my parents.

Asexuality and Purity Teachings Can Be a Toxic Mix: Christine
Many homeschoolers try to ‘protect’ their children from knowledge about sex, sexuality, and reproduction. My parents fit into this category. As a result, I didn’t learn about human reproduction until I was in college, and didn’t learn that other people experience sexual attraction. Or rather, I misunderstood what sexual attraction was.

Be a Winner: Susie
You find a way. You find your voice. You find your inspiration and you take control. Even if you have no control, you take command. Steer your vessel. Dream. Dream big.

How the Daughter of a Focus on the Family Executive Came Out as Gay
I was 27 when I had finally mustered every last bit of courage to have “the talk” with my family. I had been pondering, planning and praying for months. My heart weighed heavy and anxiety took my mind down every possible outcome. I knew, as the daughter of a Focus on the Family executive, the results of my truth could be devastating.

I am the thing I was taught to hate
Growing up homeschooled, we weren’t taught how to interact with people different than us. Last Sunday changed everything. By Eleanor Skelton. June 16, 2016.

Why I stopped Being Anti-gay: Heather Doney
I was now quite heartbroken for my best friend. I cried for the “disorder” he had, the wife he’d never have, the babies that would never look like him, the unhappy, shunned life I imagined he would always lead, and then, after I was done crying, I had to think about homosexuality in a light I’d never done before, not as I’d been taught to view it, as something done by disgusting and warped people, but as the seemingly innate orientation of a loved one. It made me feel very confused and start to reconsider my beliefs.

For LGBT Parents who Homeschool their Children

3 Reasons to homeschool your gay child
Social pressures of school are dangerous to gay kids. Hiding sexual identity is mentally and physically debilitating. Homeschool teaches gay kids what the real world is like – school doesn’t do that.

Another Homeschool Stereotype: Homeschoolers are Anti-Gay
I can honestly report that anti-gay “values” is never something that has ever crossed my mind in sharing my values with my children.

CRHE and HARO: Similarities and Differences
Homeschool alumni founded two advocacy organizations in 2013: Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out (HARO) and the Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE). These organizations have different missions—CRHE is oriented toward research and policy while HARO is oriented toward awareness and support—but sometimes work together on specific projects.

GVS and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Children
How can parents of LGBT children provide their kids with an education that is safe, relevant, and encourages them to create a better world for themselves and others? Global Village School can help.

Homeschooolers Anonymous LGBT Pinterest Board
An assortment of resources for those looking for LBGT resources while homeschooling.

Some Actions Are So Unjust….
If you are, like I am, disgusted by this unnecessary and vicious attack against a fellow homeschooler, then please call or write and let our voices be heard as homeschoolers.

The Tides Turn
From the Voice of Lesbian Parenting. A few weeks ago, Bug asked to do school first thing in the morning. She ate cereal and wanted to get right at it. I was skeptical, but we try to honor our kids’ requests when they make them. More stories about being a Lesbian homeschool mom.

We’re Here, We’re Queer (and patriarchy had nothing to do with it)
Patriarchy doesn’t make a kid queer, and not following patriarchy doesn’t make a kid straight. The only relation that patriarchy has to sexual orientation or gender identity is to make the life of kids growing up queer a living hell. That’s not going to change in Farris’ ideal world since, as I have already documented, he advocates the same ideas that make life miserable for LGBT kids growing up in patriarchy.


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