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Rural Homeschooling on a Family Farm

Blogs & Personal Sites of Rural Homeschoolers

Lessons from the Homestead
Carol J. Alexander homeschooled her children since 1993, and raised much of their own food. She has a blog here, some eBooks she’s written, and a free newsletter of interest to homesteading homeschoolers.

Pioneer Woman Homeschooling
Ree homeschools her 4 kids on a working ranch, and loves to take photographs of the kids, their horses, and other ranch activities. You’ll come back time again for her humorous insights.

Roscommon Acres
My little home in the country. I write here about life more abundantly, from the joy of a baby’s smile to the almost unbearable grief of losing a son. I am seeking beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of the spirit of despair.

The Rural Chick
We homeschool, craft, cook, and generally have a great time doing all sorts of interesting things. I started this here little blog to share some of the things we experience and enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

Homeschoolers and Agriculture

You’ve probably heard about the slow food movement and why eating organic is better for you. But hearing it from an 11-year-old homeschooled kid who wants to be an organic farmer instead of a pro football player (like he always dreamed of) is pretty heartwarming.

At what age would you begin a child with his own farming project?
As soon as the child expresses an interest in one. That can be different ages for different individuals, but generally somewhere between 6 and 10 a child should be able to develop an entrepreneurial farm business with all the related responsibilities. ~Interview with Joel Salatin.

Community Supported Agriculture for Homeschoolers
By coordinating with a local chapter of a homeschooling association, farmers and core group members alike can introduce students to how a CSA farm operates, the role of the farm in the community, and volunteer opportunities at the farm.

Isolation and Homeschooling

Isolated Homeschooling
I have to admit that I am not dealing well with our transition to isolation. Being suburban born and raised, I felt fairly isolated just living in a small town, and now we are 16 miles away from the nearest small town.

Rural education-sometimes it is better at home
While I disagree with removing students from rural public school districts instead of working to improve the school system, I see some benefits to homeschooling in rural areas.

Rural Homeschool Communities

Rural Homeschool
Rural Homeschool is an online community for Christ-centered homeschoolers in Yorkville, GA and surrounding areas to connect! Hopefully, this will prove to be an efficient way for us to discover one another! I look forward to meeting all of you.

Rural Education Resources

A Bird's Eye View of the Farm

A Bird’s Eye View of the Farm
by Goosey Dusbabek
The animals that reside at Holly Lane Gardens are beautiful, enjoyable, and entertaining. They are so entertaining that the author wanted to capture their antics so others could appreciate-through the written word-what they miss through real life opportunities. This light-hearted (and oftentimes humorous) tale portrays the lives of real farm animals as they interact in their natural setting. If their actions bring a smile to your face, this book has accomplished its goal. EnjoyHolly Lane Gardens offers training to adults and older teenagers in animal husbandry, more offerings than are on their site currently.
Canadian edition

Agricultural Research Service Sci4Kids
Through news stories and other content posted each month, Sci4Kids gives you a first-hand glimpse into the world of the Agricultural Research Service.

California Foundation For Agriculture in the Classroom
Resources and activities available to heighten agricultural awareness. Great for rural homeschoolers anywhere.

From Scratch Magazine
For the modern homesteader. Includes articles about homeschooling some of the time. A free bi-monthly online magazine for those who enjoy doing it from scratch.

Rural Home Schooling and Place-based Education
Place-based educators use local particulars to teach universal concepts, engage students in community life, and involve people and resources unique to the home community.

The Country School
Farm experiences and wilderness adventures for children, teens and families. Spend the summer on a homeschooling family’s farm in Holmes County, Ohio.


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