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Taking Charge

Larry and Susan Kaseman have regular columns in Home Education Magazine that usually concern some controversial topic about the homeschool movement.

Convincing Others We Don’t Want Homeschooling Legislation
Proposals are frequently made for new legislation affecting homeschoolers which might also be entitled “Legislation That Undermines Homeschooling Freedoms.”

Curfews and Homeschoolers
Daytime curfews require that police stop and question young people who appear to be of school age but are not in a school building during conventional school hours. Those who cannot provide a convincing reason for not being in school are either fined or taken into custody.

In order to hang on to what makes homeschooling distinctive, we need to act in ways that will maintain these differences and prevent homeschooling from being reduced to schooling by becoming a small, insignificant part of conventional schooling.

“Do You Go to School in Your Pajamas?” – Responding to Questions About Homeschooling
This column will consider reasons to prepare in advance for questions we may be asked, general principles that can guide our responses, and examples of specific questions and possible responses. by Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM J/A 2008.

Don’t Let Compulsory Attendance Turn into Compulsory Education
The Kasemans explain what compulsory school attendance laws actually require, why so many people fail to understand the distinction between compulsory attendance and compulsory education, and how homeschoolers and others can use this distinction. by Larry & Susan Kaseman – HEM J/A 05

Eight Principles for New and Experienced Homeschoolers
The Kasemans offer few simple principles for maintaining homeschooling freedoms. By Larry & Susan Kaseman – HEM S/O 05

Graduation Tests
Public school students in 25 states are now or will soon be required to pass a state-mandated graduation test to receive a high school diploma.

Homeschooling In Public Schools: A Dangerous Oxymoron
In some parts of the country, especially Alaska and California, programs have been established, coordinated, and funded by public schools for families who want their children to learn at home at least part of the time.

Homeschooling: Our Perspectives, Their Views
This column discusses how our perceptions of homeschooling shape the way homeschooling is viewed by others, important points to communicate, pitfalls to avoid, and ways we can respond to commonly asked questions.By Larry & Susan Kaseman, HEM M/A 05.

How William Bennett’s Public E-Schools Affect Homeschooling
In his role as a key promoter of public e-schools, Bennett is acting in ways that disregard our interests as homeschoolers and undermine our homeschooling freedoms.In his role as a key promoter of public e-schools, Bennett is acting in ways that disregard our interests as homeschoolers and undermine our homeschooling freedoms. By Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM N/D 2002.

HSLDA Study: Embarrassing and Dangerous
This study reports on the academic achievements of only a very narrow group of homeschoolers and is not at all representative of the homeschooling community as a whole, so its findings do not apply to homeschoolers in general.

Increased Mental Health Screening? Are You Crazy!?!
The Kasemans explain why increased mental health screening, encouraged by the federal government in response to b marketing and lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry, concerns us all.

Keeping Homeschooling Freedoms Alive
We need to be aware of ways in which choices we make will affect our homeschooling freedoms, strengthening them or weakening them.

Keeping Homeschooling Nonpartisan
The more we can convince legislators to work with us regardless of their political party, the more likely we will be to have reasonable regulation that allows us to homeschool our children according to our principles and beliefs rather than state values and requirements. By Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM N/D 08.

Legislative Challenges
Responding to current legislative challenges promoted by national organizations. A problem arises when we allow the state to claim and define rights that we already have, independent of the state.

Let’s Keep Homeschoolers Out Of Public School ID Systems
This column will discuss reasons the ID numbers and databases are being established, problems with them, and what we can do to help ensure that we homeschoolers are not drawn into them. By Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM M/J 2004.

Practical Ways to Claim Responsibility for Our Homeschools 
One of the key ways we can maintain our homeschooling freedoms is by making it clear both to ourselves and to public officials that the responsibility for our homeschools is ours and not theirs.

Problems with Legislation to Prevent “Unqualified” Families From Homeschooling
Do we really want the government to have the authority to decide who’s qualified to homeschool and how we should homeschool? Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM.

Putting College Rankings in Their Place
The Kasemans explore the option of college, discussing current trends in higher education, and explain how the realities of college are not as rosy as popular culture portrays them. By Larry & Susan Kaseman, HEM J/F 06.

Tax Credits
Are tax credits for private schools, including homeschools, a good idea whose time has come? Or are they a misleading political move that will actually provide families with very little money while they increase government control of private education and reduce our educational freedoms?

Tax Credits: Carrots, Sticks, and Strings
The Kasemans explore education tax credits for homeschoolers – and explain why they’re not what they seem to be. By Larry & Susan Kaseman – HEM N/D 05

Watchdogging the Media
This column presents details on the misinformation from The Legal Edge, explores obvious and subtle ways in which it does damage, and offers suggestions for what we can do.

Working for Homeschooling Freedoms: Chore or Opportunity?
Many homeschoolers (including readers of this column) are actively working to maintain homeschooling freedoms, which benefits all homeschoolers. But many other homeschoolers are not.

Your Homeschooling Decisions Affect My Homeschooling Freedoms
Why we need to be free from unnecessary state regulation, why it is difficult to do this, and what we can do to reclaim and maintain homeschooling freedoms, including situations when this means giving up something our family wants. By Larry and Susan Kaseman. HEM M/A 01.


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