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Traveling Homeschoolers – Homeschooling while Traveling on the Road

Traveling Homeschoolers tend to be people who want to take long or consistent car/rv/boating trips. Come travel along!

Families on the Road
Home Exchanges

Some families homeschool because they want to travel extensively by car, rv, or boat.

Families on the Road

FOTR on the Today Show
Featuring the Dudley Family and the Gozas November 4, 2009 air date. Homeschooling on the Road – Is it Legal?

Family On A Bike
We believe environmentally sensitive family adventures are good for your health, education, relationships and the planet. The Family Adventure Project aims to inspire others to get out there and start or keep on adventuring by showcasing inspiring stories from families around the world who adventure together.

Family on Bikes
We will be taking off in June 2008 to ride our bikes from Alaska to Argentina – a journey that will take approximately 2 1/2 years! Nancy Sathre just joined our Yahoo Group, so if you’d like to leave her a message, join in!

The Gefke Family Adventure
High point of this site is Christa’s Journal as she documents her observations and opinions about what she’s learned on her family’s trip.

The Goza Family
Dennis, Kimberly and Zephyr Goza left their home in San Francisco 9 years ago to perform professionally at schools and libraries across the United States as “The Act!vated Storytellers.” They relish exploring America, touring across the country year-round to ambitiously seek out new experiences that enrich their homeschool studies.

Have School Will Travel
Mark, Denise and Vance Tyson are a traveling homeschool family, right now we’re are on a three month trip across the Northeastern United States, and hope to take another one next spring out west. We live very near Smokey Mtns National Park in North Carolina.

Bare Naked Family
‘Barenaked’ represents ‘stuff’ we got rid of to put our family first. We only got rid of clothing because our closets shrank! We’re mostly modest around others ~ wink, wink, nudge, nudge. See also this article about their Roadschooling adventures.

Becoming BareNaked

Becoming BareNaked
Leaving a six figure career, selling all of our crap, pulling the kids out of school, and buying an RV ~ we hit the road in search … what it meant to be a family in America.
by Jenn BareNaked
This isn’t porn. Everyone always asks and some of our family thinks it is for sure…but it’s not. This is our story of how we simplified our life. With kids and crap. So, no porn here folks, just a real emotionally written break up with the American dream. If that’s your kind of porn, then I guess this is definitely for you. We are BareNakedFamily.com and we did what lots of people are doing these days ~ dropping out of corporate America, selling all the crap, pulling the kids out of school, buying an RV and hitting the road in pursuit of a new American dream. One of simplicity and quality time together as a family. Trading in careers for self fulfilling entrepreneurial lifestyles and hands on education giving us unfiltered learning.


Homeschool and Travel
Homeschool and travel go together, they have to. After 2 years of homeschool before we left on this trip, I’m not at all worried about the kids’ education. I’ve been through the de-schooling process and forgotten everything I was conditioned to think about acquiring knowledge. I have seen that learning happens all day, every day, with little or no need for teaching in a form that most people would recognize. Like on Facebook.

Homeschooling on the Road
Caz and Craig are travel addicts, living the life unplugged and proving that travel doesn’t stop after kids. They’ve been making their living with this blog for many years. Lovely photos and good writing.

Journal of a Homeschooling Mom
Learning happens so often outside our home, while on extensive vacations or just in town. By Anne Salazar-Dunbar.

Live the Adventure
Originally from Ohio, my family has spent the past 3 1/2 years traveling with my husband’s job. This past March, we took a leap of faith and became a full-time RV family! Our life is at times challenging, constantly changing and rarely boring.

Pearce on Earth
We’re a family who left behind our suburban lifestyle in the USA to explore the world together and expand our horizons while educating our kids and running an online business. A recent interview with the Pearce family.

Soul Travelers 3
We are on the ultimate unschool adventure of a multi year, open ended trip around the world with our 6 yo and the focus of our website has been to leave resources for other families as we go on what works for kids that travel while homeschooling and how to do it.

10 Ways World-schooling Has Ruined My Childhood
Does all that time away from home, a school environment, and regular routine really make us unsociable and uneducated? Well, it’s certainly not for everyone, but its been amazing for me! I’ve learned tons about other cultures, about how the world can be seen from more than one perspective, and how the world is a lot bigger than just North America. Sure, I’m a total snob when it comes to cheese and architecture, but in the end, I think that’s a pretty good tradeoff, don’t you?

Top 3 Questions About Roadschooling
Tiny House dad, Andrew Odom, talks about homeschooling from their tiny home on wheels.

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Travel in Morocco
After living & homeschooling in Morocco for 10 years, the Jeff Wilson family has put together this “Ultimate Guide” for any home schooling family that wants an amazing educational & inspiring trip to Morocco. Top on kids’ lists: ride a camel in the desert. Sand surfing. Watching the weavers. The spice shop for all the good smells and remedies. Kids like the food!

Vagabond Family
Doing what’s right, educationally, for your individual young person requires a certain amount of bravery, mixed with a healthy dose of deaf ear to the nay-sayers balanced with value placed on the input of others who share your vision and know what they’re talking about.

What I learned as a home-school parent
With New York City as the classroom, Jane Blotzer spent a year teaching her two children about . . . everything. Here’s her report card.

Home Exchanges

Home Schooler’s Home Exchange Neighborhood
We give you the ability to visit many places in the world and stay for free! Special Introductory Fee: $9.95 (for a limited time only) (Posted 3/16/09)

Sleep Deprived in Seattle
We are a family of 5 stationed in the Seattle area incorporating our love of travel into our homeschool. Uses Airbnb to swap their home and find homes in other places to stay.


Adventure Schooling
This group is for families who enjoy getting out of the house and being adventurous. You are welcome to join us. Tell us about great field trips in your area, and about good family vacations you have enjoyed, and any other advice you may have about traveling and learning as a family.

Many home educators take advantage of time spent in the car to learn a variety of subjects through games, CDs and audio tapes. This list is designed so that families can share ideas, resources, and activities for learning while traveling.

Families on the Road
FOTR is the email list for Families on the Road, a web site and newsletter dedicated to families who RV fulltime or for extended periods – and for those who are contemplating such an adventure! Topics might include buying an RV for a family, schooling options on the road, and connecting to the Internet while RVing.

Fulltime Families
A Facebook support group for all families on extended or long term travel adventures (and those dreaming of this lifestyle). Ask questions, get answers, share your experiences and even your blog updates.

Roadschooling – Families Homeschooling on the Road
Facebook page for families who are providing education to one or more children while traveling on the road full-time, part-time, and/or extended road trips. Also see their Roadschooling Blogroll for additional traveling family blogs.


Car Games
Playing games with kids can make a long car trip both pleasant and educational. Print this out to take along!

Add Travel to Your Curriculum
We love to “hit the road” and the longer we have been homeschooling, the easier it becomes! By Amy Cortez.

Car Schooling
At one point, we were spending so much time in the car we didn’t have time for academics! In sheer desperation I thought of books-on-tape – at least we’d hear some good literature and I could relax a little about fulfilling our Language Arts requirement. Subscribe to the free Carschooling Calendar for history on the go.

Car Travel Games for Big Kids
A little undivided attention from Mom or Dad can go a long way toward a little person’s happiness. It’s sometimes nice to sit in the back of the van with your kids while dad is doing the driving and play these games right along with them. From Mom’s Minivan.

Families On The Road
The FOTR web site is now maintained by Kimberly Goza, who has been traveling fulltime with her family (a.k.a. The Activated Storytellers) since 1992.

Family Travel Forum
Homeschooling families like to take extended holiday trips. This site has all sorts of ideas and advice.

Liz’s Tips for Traveling with Kids
Our last European family vacation was to Italy two years ago and we plan to return this summer. We found that Italians love children and really go out of their way to accommodate them. Liz has 50 tips for traveling with kids on a major vacation.

Packing for Your Trip ­ Bring the Right Stuff
When packing, less really is more. As in, the less stuff you’re lugging around, the more freedom you’ll have.

Taking your kids out of school
Sometimes you want to take a trip when school is in session.


Hostelling International
American Youth Hostels once the domain of youth, now accepts families and seniors as guests, too, for very reasonable cost.

Passports Educational Travel
Quality educational travel tours for the homeschool community. Group organizers travel free.

Unschool Adventures
Every Unschool Adventure is a mix of planned, structured activities and open space for unplanned, spontaneous activities.

See also Cruising Homeschoolers

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