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Working & Single Parents and Homeschooling


Single Parent and Working
Advice on how to homeschool if you are a working single parent. Applies to families in which all adults must work as well.

Working from Home and Homeschool
Replies to the question: Any suggestions from those of you that do work at home or know someone that does. I would like to have an honest business, something that I could be proud of!

How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents

How to Work and Homeschool: Practical Advice, Tips, and Strategies from Parents
by Pamela Price
Do you want to homeschool, but you need to keep working? Maybe you’re already homeschooling, but you would like to start a business? Perhaps you’re homeschooling, working, and volunteering, but need to create space for yourself? How can this possibly be done? How do other parents manage?
How to Work and Homeschool
Pamela Price offers intensive, small, private and online how-to workshops on how to start up your homeschool. She also offers a limited number of individual homeschool coaching consultations each month. These services are all offered for modest fees. Message her here on Facebook for fee details.

4 tips for working while you homeschool
I’m just going to be blunt and tell you that I make an amazingly large sum of money for someone who is homeschooling. Last year, my first year of homeschooling, I cleared $150K. Some of you will admire my spunk. Some of you will say what I’m doing doesn’t even count as homeschooling. Penelope Trunk founded four startups.

5 Reasons it’s easier for single parents to homeschool
Babysitting is too expensive. School hours are inflexible. School hours limit work hours. College savings is unimportant.

Homeschooling and Custody Issues: Compromise and Education are the Keys to Success
The biggest problem with the issue of custody battles involving homeschooling is that both parents have to agree to the educational choice, or the judge is most likely to order a public school. By Linda Conrad Jansen.

Homeschooling as a Widow or Widower
How do widows and widowers continue to fulfill the challenging roles of dad/mom, homeschooler, breadwinner, and sole disciplinarian, without losing focus of the total picture?

How I Juggle Homeschooling, Running a Business, & Life
Over time, I have discovered different tricks and tactics that help me be able to juggle more and have more of a healthy balance and I’ll happily share them with you in hopes that might inspire you. But remember that I’m often a hot mess and if you dropped by our home unexpectedly (or even expectedly!) on some days, you’d know this is definitely the truth! by Crystal Paine. October 21, 2015.

How to homeschool as a single parent
The question of how to homeschool as a single parent is actually how to make money and homeschool at the same time. Because of course it only takes one person to homeschool. Homeschooling as a single parent takes a leap of faith and then a lot of hard work. But really, all good things in life require that.

Single-Mom Homeschooling
Testimonies by Margaret, Kathy, and Katrina. The sky is the limit as to what a single Mom can do.  I do recommend the children be in at least 7th grade or older to be at home by themselves. Additionally, I would recommend children be mature enough to obey to complete assignments, chores and to keep a low profile while Mom is working.

Single Parent Homeschool
This website is full of ideas to equip you as you consider homeschooling or assist you in your homeschooling journey. We have articles, resources and special offers to help you as a single parent provide your child with a Christian home education.

Tips for Homeschooling While Running a Home Business
Here are seven tips to help you rock your business and keep the homeschooling fires burning. From Hip Homeschool Moms.


Single parents can homeschool. Come here for support. Whether you are Christian, Jew, Muslim or Atheist, I want you to feel comfortable.

DFW Working & Single Parent Homeschooling
Single parents and parents which both work full time face a unique set of struggles when it comes to homeschooling. This group is designed to connect with each other, share experiences, organize events, playdates, meet-ups, field trips, etc.

Homeschool Family Businesses
This group is for the discussion of all things related to running a business while homeschooling.

Homeschooling and Working Parents
A discussion group on LinkedIn for homeschooling parents who work either part or full time, whether outside or from home. Sponsored by Time4Learning.com.

Homeschool & Working Parents – We can do it!
This is a group for parents that homeschool AND work (PT or FT). We can do this and need to support each other.

Homeschooling while Single Parenting
This is a board for homeschooling single parents of all religious and secular beliefs. Members are free to discuss topics related to homeschooling and single parenting.

Single Parent Homeschooling Support
We welcome any kind of homeschooler: full time, part time, virtual schoolers (K12, etc). If you are a single parent and homeschool your children, please join us for support! We are a SECULAR group and are very diverse in our beliefs.

Work and Homeschool
This is an email list support group for working parents who have chosen to homeschool their children or are considering homeschooling, as well as for homeschooling parents who are thinking of returning to work.

Working At Home

Making it Work: Homeschooling while Working at Home
Natalie Thomas, Author of the Serena Wilcox Mysteries. Homeschooling is a wonderful lifestyle choice for us. We can give our kids the learning environment and curriculum that they thrive on. But how can we do this as a work-at-home Mom?

Work-at-Home Schemes
Consumers deceived by work at home ads have lost thousands of dollars, in addition to their time and energy. The Federal Trade Commission helps you distinguish valid work at home business offers from total scams.

Working Outside

Are your kids ready to stay home alone?
When is it okay to begin leaving your child at home alone? The answer really is different for every child. In general, children under 10 should not be left on their own, and babies and younger children should not be left alone even for a few minutes.

When unschooling while working doesn’t work
I’m ready to put out there, openly, here and now, that there are times when unschooling while working really doesn’t work. by Joan Otto.

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