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Blog Archives

Homeschool Sandbox Group at Islands of Brilliance!

Hello Families! Islands of Brilliance is wanting to create virtual programming tailored specifically for homeschooling families. Our goal is to provide programming that is rooted in art and creativity to create a supportive and social community for homeschooled students. We want students to be exactly who they are, without feeling they need to mask...
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Homeschool Day: Cardboard Challenge

Get to know the Homeschool Day Staff while testing your engineering skills. Join us on the museum floor as we use a variety of tools and techniques to turn this ordinary material into musical instruments, puzzles, and crazy creatures. Connect with other homeschool families while learning about the perks of joining our STEM Scholar...
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Homeschool Day: Light

How do we perceive light? How can light be manipulated? What are the different forms of light? Join us as we explore these questions during an unveiling of our new Light Loom exhibit! Work with mirrors and the electromagnetic spectrum to dig deeper into the science behind our latest exhibit. Discover the wonders of...
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Homeschool Day: Food Science

Sweet, savory, spicy, sour, bitter, umami… those yummy flavors that make food so enticing are all due to the biochemistry that makes up each and every tasty treat we devour. Come learn about the chemistry of cooking, the biochemical makeup of our foods, and what makes ice cream so darn good at December’s Food...
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Homeschool Day: Weather & Climate

Changes in climate over time have made for some wild weather events throughout history. In 2003, grapes were turned into raisins before being picked from the vine during a massive heat wave. With winds up to 150 miles per hour, Hurricane Andrew destroyed a breeding facility for pythons, setting 1000s of specimens loose in...
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Homeschool Day: Engineering

A team of UCLA engineers have recently developed a 3D printing technique that could help build entire robots in 1 step! What would you create if you were an engineer? Start exploring the answer at our Engineering Homeschool Day. You’ll be challenged to build strong towers using only paper and use circuitry to create...
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Homeschool Day: Robotics

Robots are changing the world by doing things we humans could never dream of. Join us as we code, create, and manipulate robots during our Robotics Homeschool Day. Explore how drones are being used to dive into a world seven miles underwater with our new exhibit Deep Sea Robotics! Guide the robotic drone over...
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Homeschool Day: Pollination

Pollination is the movement of pollen from one flowering plant to another with the end result of making a new plant. More than 80% of flowering plants depend on this process to reproduce and our global food production depends on pollinators like bees, birds, and bats to feed everyone on the planet. Celebrate our...
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Homeschool Day: Rockets

3, 2, 1… Blast off! Join us at our brand new Rocketry exhibit as we explore the design and evolution of various rockets. We’ll experiment with rocket simulators, water rockets and stomp rockets to uncover how thrust, lift, drag, and a rocket’s parts affect its journey through the atmosphere and beyond. Build your own...
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