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Time4Learning Demos

Astronomy – Outer Space Experiments For Kids

Interactive Online Astronomy Games and Experiments

Amazing Space
A series of Shockwave interactive activities to help you have lots of fun online while learning about outer space.

Ask the Astronomer
Dr. Sten Odenwald, Astronomer, NASA/IMAGE satellite program, has over 3001 questions already answered here. If you have a new one, he’s the guru to ask!

Astronomy: Our Place in Space
Astronomy is the study of the entire universe and everything in it. It’s full of huge distances, gigantic sizes, and long periods of time. It’s a big subject.

An Atlas of the Universe
There are nine main maps on this web page, each one approximately ten times the scale of the previous one. The first map shows the nearest stars and then the other maps slowly expand out until we have reached the scale of the entire visible universe.

Earth in True Perspective
But ever since we developed the ability to look beyond our atmosphere, it became more and more apparent that our blue marble is tiny. Too tiny to even comprehend, when compared to other planets, stars, galaxies and the universe itself. So just to give you an idea of how tiny we really are here on planet earth, here are some visual aids.

Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground
Welcome to our collection of children’s online astronomy activities. In the following six chapters are hundreds of fun explorations into astronomy as a classroom tool for learning how to theorize, experiment, and analyze data. For kids from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Imagine the Universe
For teenaged astrophysicists. A site about our Universe… what we know about it, how it is evolving, and the kinds of objects and phenomena it contains.

NASA Kids’ Club
Learn about current NASA missions, play games, and find other space fun with the NASA Kids’ Club.

Science Explained’s Free Astronomy Lessons
Four monthly lessons, designed primarily for teens, so keep coming back. This isn’t for your little brother! Lessons have a bit of “attitude” that I think makes them enjoyable while getting the point across.

Stay up to date on all space news with this kid and kid-at heart space enthusiasts.

Star Child
A learning center for young astronomers who are just beginning to wonder about the stars and planets.

StarDate Online
The skies are clear, the night is warm. Check here to see what you might see in the sky tonight.

Universe Today – Space and Astronomy News
What’s new in astronomy this week? A new meteor shower? A new photograph of a distant planet or star? What is NASA up to now?

Windows to the Universe
A rich array of documents, including images, movies, animations, and data sets, that explore the Earth and Space sciences and the historical and cultural ties between science, exploration, and the human experience.

Are we alone?

Life Beyond Earth
Are we alone? Could there be intelligent life out there? Try seeing what the odds are with the Drake Equation.

SETI Podcast
Are humans alone in the universe? Scientists involved in SETI ­ the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ­ are using modern technology to search for the answer to this age-old question. What if you were asked to help?


Making a Simple Astrolabe
An astrolabe (pronounced AS’-tro-layb) is a device used for measuring altitude, including the height of objects in the sky.

Using a Simple Astrolabe
An astrolabe can be used to measure the altitude of an object, including changes in the Sun’s path over the course of the year.

Games & Puzzles

Space Games
Houston, okay to launch. Blast into fun space games like Space Spelling and Mars Lander.

Space Place
Make spacecrafts, play space games, do some earthbound space experiments and submit your spacy stories, drawings and recipes.


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