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Time4Learning Demos

Space Exploration History For Kids

What was the astronaut doing at the computer? [Answer]

Apollo 11: Walking on the Moon
Join Smithsonian Education’s “Race to Space” and experience a “Walk on the Moon” with Smithsonian Education’s virtual exhibit.

Basics of Space Flight
Interplanetary spaceflight will be much harder than flights around the earth. This is an advanced site for those who want to delve into the problems we’ll face trying to fly in space.

Be a Spacecraft Engineer
NASA needs your help! As part of an international coalition, it has begun building the International Space Station. But the Space Station is threatened by orbital debris-abandoned satellites, rocket remnants, and many other things. Can you design a spacecraft to protect the Space Station from this “space junk”?

Dawn – A Journey to the Beginning of the Solar System
Make your own asteroid belt, build a spacecraft model, and much more. Learn more about the Dawn mission through stories and games. Search for words and complete crossword puzzles about the Dawn instrumentation and the solar system. Kids of all ages can become a Dawn Young Engineer by constructing your own Dawn paper spacecraft model and sending us a picture of you holding your spacecraft.

Liftoff to Space Explorations
Follow the crew on the International Space Station and find out about more about living in space from this NASA website for kids.

Living in Space – Cosmic Quest
Design a space station at this interactive website from the Children’s Museum in Indiana.

Make Your Own Space Exploration Unit 
The study of space is the investigation of everything outside the atmosphere of Earth. Astronomy studies celestial objects (such as stars, galaxies, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and nebulae) and processes of those celestial objects like supernovae explosions, gamma-ray ray bursts, and cosmic microwave background radiation. (What? There are microwaves in outer space?)

Straight from the Space Company: learn about space, rockets & airplanes, astronauts and space pioneers, and enjoy some projects and games. Submit your space stories and artwork, too.

NASA for Students
More academic than the previous link. Divided by grade level. Kindergarten through college.

Orion MPCV: The Journey Begins
Multi-media video gallery of NASA’s next advanced space vehicle.

What was the astronaut doing at the computer? He was looking for the SPACE bar!

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