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Time4Learning Demos

Brain Pictures and Nerve Anatomy for Kids

Brain Clipart
Eight pictures of the brain for you to use in your projects.

Brain Connection – Brain Teasers & Games
These games are part of a much larger site that is all about the brain and how it works. A good place to get brain clipart, too.

Brain Education
Pictures of real brains. Facts about your brain. The Exploding 3D Brain. The Brain Glossary.

The Brain is the Boss
How do you remember the way to your friend’s house? Why do your eyes blink without you ever thinking about it? Where do dreams come from? Your brain is the one responsible for these things and a whole lot more.

The Brain: Journey Through the Universe Inside Your Head
by Tom Casteel Carla Mooney (Author), Tom Casteel (Illustrator)
Read Inside
Combining hands-on activities with neuroscience, anatomy, and psychology, The Brain includes projects such as building a 3-D brain model and testing how the brain adapts to a new situation. The Brain integrates a digital learning component by providing links to primary sources, videos, and other relevant websites. Additional materials include a glossary, timeline, and a list of current reference works. The Brain is a unique opportunity to connect behavior, physiology, and the outside world in one amazing place—your head!

Modeling the Nervous System
Sometimes the best way to learn about something is to hold it in your hand. What better way to learn about the different parts of the nervous system than to make them yourself.

Neuroscience for Kids
Your brain is a marvelous thing! Site has experiments to do and page to submit your scientific findings. Huge site. Lots to do. Free worksheets.

Sheep Brain Dissection
The anatomy of memory from The Exploratorium. Large photographs showing the various parts of the brain to help you understand how you understand anything!

What Became of Albert Einstein’s Brain?
Einstein had requested that his body be cremated but that his brain be saved and studied for research. Dr. Thomas S. Harvey, a pathologist at Princeton Hospital, removed Einstein’s brain. What happened to it for years after this is somewhat of a mystery.

Your Brain Map
An interactive map of the brain where you can learn the names of each section and what jobs each part does.

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