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Time4Learning Demos

Ear Anatomy For Children

Ears & Hearing

Anatomy of the Ear

Parts of the Human Ear
Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear
Good illustration of the inner ear and its parts in both professional and normal terms explained by Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

Ear Anatomy & Physiology
Ms. Klemme discusses basic ear anatomy and an introduction to the hearing pathway.


Neuroscience for Kids – The Ear
The ears contain structures for both the sense of hearing and the sense of balance. The eighth cranial nerve (vestibulocochlear nerve made up of the auditory and vestibular nerves) carries nerve impulses for both hearing and balance from the ear to the brain.

Hearing Tests

Free Hearing Test
Most hearing losses occur gradually over the years. So it’s often difficult to recognize. Try these simple self-assessments of your hearing status. This is not to replace a hearing test by a physician.

Hearing Loss Simulation
In this simulation you can discover how sensorineural hearing losses affect hearing. This type of hearing loss is by far the most frequent and is caused by a dysfunction of the inner ear, many times due to excessive exposure to noise.

Ten Ways To Recognize Hearing Loss
These questions will help you determine if you need to have your hearing evaluated by a medical professional.

How the Deaf Manage

Dogs for the Deaf
Dogs for the Deaf dogs are chosen from adoption shelters. We look for dogs that are healthy, friendly, intelligent,  and energetic.

What is a TTY?
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf. The TTY gives deaf people the luxury of just being able to pick up the phone and chat.

What is Wrong with the Use of these Terms:”Deaf-mute”, “Deaf and dumb”, or “Hearing-impaired”?
Communication is not reserved for hearing people alone, and using one’s voice is not the only way to communicate.

How the Blind Use Their Ears

Seeing With Your Ears

Here you can:
Explore synesthetic sound & vision;
Compose your own music fragments;
Create your own sonic sculptures;
Teach yourself polyphonic listening;
Even learn about vision substitution.


Information for Educators and Student Activities
Activities, games and videos to make learning about sound and hearing more interesting.

Protecting Your Ears

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
NIHL can be caused by a one-time exposure to loud sound as well as by repeated exposure to sounds at various loudness levels over an extended period of time.

Noisy Toys Can Damage Your Hearing
Toys that pose a noise danger include cap guns, talking dolls, vehicles with horns and sirens, walkie-talkies, musical instruments, and toys with cranks.


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