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Time4Learning Demos

Animal Classification For Kids

Information and More!

Animals in General

All About Animals
This way to amazing animal stories, poetry and art and loads more info. Tell us why you love animals, and send us your poems and pictures, too.

Animal Exploration: See Who’s Out There
An exciting look at the animals in the world around us with information on their habitats, food, lifestyle, and life-cycle.

Animal Games
Kids are inherently interested in the nature around them. With Animal games and Nature games kids are able to gain knowledge while having fun playing with wild animals and exploring nature.

Welcome to the world of edZOOcation, a place to explore and learn all about animals and the incredible and unusual things they do! We want to edZOOcate you on the qualities which make animals stand out in a crowd, because they all have something! We also want to give you the tools to help protect the animals you love and their habitats.”

How do animals spend the winter?
People live in warm houses and wear heavy coats outside. Our food comes from the grocery store. But what happens to the animals?

Mow Wow Animals
“The Mow Wow Animals online teaching program recognizes the natural affinity that children have for animals. It is designed to activate students’ imagination as they learn about animals and the world around them and to encourage values of respect and compassion. The bilingual K­–5, lessons are infused with stories from world cultures, poetry, short videos, and hands-on enrichment activities.”

National Geographic Animals and Nature Guide
When it comes to enlightening the entire family, National Geographic doesn’t monkey around.

Nature: Puzzles & Fun
Flash interactive multimedia adventures into the world of nature. From KQED and PBS.

Pet of the Day
Take a picture of your pet and nominate it as “Pet of the Day.”

Ranger Rick’s Kid Zone
Loads of ideas for attracting wildlife to your yard and studying the creatures that come.

Yellowstone National Park’s Official Page for Kids & Teachers
Ever seen a Mooselope? How about a Bighorn Bison? Play the Antler/Horn Match Game and see what kinds of strange creatures you can make! Other games and coloring pages about the natural life of Yellowstone.

Return often to see the most recent newborn zoo babies’ photos and information. Maybe some will be close to where you live!

Australian Animals

Australian Museum – Animals
A large resource with lovely photos and stories about the biodiversity in Australia. You can also visit the museum in Sydney, Australia.

Australia Animals Game
Australia animals are fun to learn about and with this game, they can aide in reading, spelling, and vocabulary learning.

Tasmanian Devils
Tasmanian devils are meat eating marsupials. While now found only on the island of Tasmania they once roamed widely across Australia and on islands around the coast. Four are now at the San Diego Zoo.

Wombania’s Wombat Information Center
Jam-packed with wombat facts and includes virtually everything you need to know about native Australian wombats. It has information on the wombat, its behavior, diet, habitat, and life cycle.


Bats Everywhere
Bat conservation is particularly compelling because it impacts us all. If you think that you don’t live near bats or that your life isn’t impacted by bats, think again! Bats are literally everywhere – except for the regions surrounding the North and South poles, and remote islands.

Free Bat House Plans
Woodworking site has several dozen free bat house plans, from small, side of the barn types to large, elaborate ones.

Bats Conservation International
We have a selection of Arts & Crafts, Fun & Games and even a Bat quiz for you.

Mammoths and Mastodons

Mark Hylkema, Santa Cruz district archaeologist for the state park system.

Mark Hylkema, Santa Cruz district archaeologist for the state park system.

Of Mastodons, Mammoths and Other Giants of the Pleistocene
Harsh conditions seemed to encourage the development of giant mammals (Probably because larger animals are better at competing for scare resources like food). Among them were the Mastodon, and the Mammoth.

Farm Animals

Breeds of Livestock
An educational and informational resource on breeds of livestock throughout the world. From the Department of Animal Science – Oklahoma State University.

Fun Farm Sounds
Here are some animals you might find at Farmland. Click on the picture of the animal you want to hear, and listen.


All About Slugs
The slug is a gastropod, which translates to “stomach-foot.” A slug or snail moves by rhythmic waves of muscular contraction on the underside of its foot. At the same time a layer of mucus is secreted, which helps smooth the slug’s path across the ground.

Banana Slugs
Named for their bright yellow color, banana slugs aren’t that different from the slugs you might try to keep out of your garden. They belong to the same family of animals, called gastropods, which have no spine and only one foot. Video and images. Learn about slime.


All About Snails
Snails can be found in gardens, in ponds and even in the sea. They belong to a group of animals with a soft body called molluscs (mollusks) which are related to oysters, clams, and other shellfish.


Koko For Kids
Fascinated by the thought of talking to gorillas? Come meet Koko, a gorilla who uses American Sign Language.

The World of Primates
We all use words such as monkey and apes for primates interchangeably, but do they really mean the same. Let us find out.


How to Care for Hamsters
Hamsters’ friendly nature and adaptability have placed them among America’s most popular small pets. From the Humane Society of the U.S.

Rodent Facts for Kids
When you think of rodents, you probably think of small animals like mice that your mom doesn’t want in the house. But did you know there are over 1,500 types of rodents?

Turtles/ Tortoises

Facts about turtles
We’re turtally mad about turtles, that’s why we’ve put together these ten terrific turtle facts!

Sea Turtles
Learn more about all the different types of sea turtles and how they live.

Turtle or Tortoise? What’s the difference?
Turtle, tortoise, and terrapin: what’s the difference? All turtles, tortoises, and terrapins are reptiles but why are they all different names?

What about pet turtles?
A pet turtle can be a great first-time pet for a child in the right circumstances. They are generally low-maintenance (after initial setup), can be quite exciting for a child to play with, and caring for one can be a very educational experience.

Woodland Animals

Forest and Woodland Habitats
Forests provide everything that the creatures who live there need – food, water and shelter. Forests can be hot or cold, with different kinds of trees in different climates around the world.

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