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Cool Dinosaurs Projects For Kids

Dinosaurs for Kids

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Answer at end of this page.

Dinosaurs and Other Monsters
A 99-page colorful Special Edition from Scientific American to read on A to Z and learn all about dinosaurs.

Games & Adventures

Dinosaur Party Plan
Decorations, games, and recipes for a fun — or should I say Dino-Mite party.

Dinosaur Games and Quizzes
Solve prehistoric problems, survive deadly seas or fight for your life as a young Allosaurus. Play games and quizzes inspired by weird and wonderful creatures from the past.


Dino Directory
The UK’s Natural History Museum provides an elaborate easily searchable directory for basic information and lots of dinosaur clip art you may purchase or use for private reports.

Download Dinosaur DataBase, grab some Dinosaurs to color, Search for other Dinosaur links or play a fun game of Dinosaur Match or Dino Slider! Click on the Dinosaur Theme Pack to download a Dinosaur theme for your desktop.

Dinosaur and Paleontology Dictionary
Learn how to pronounce each dinosaur name and find out a lot more about it.



Age of the dinosaurs
The dinosaurs were among the most successful animals ever to live on the Earth. Their reign lasted over 100 million years – and if birds evolved from the dinosaurs, then their descendents are still alive today.

Dinosaurs and Other Fossils
The study of dinosaurs and other ancient life is important both for understanding the causes of past major extinctions of land animals and for understanding the changes in biological diversity caused by previous geological and climatic changes of the Earth. These changes are still occurring today.

The Dinosaurs Weren’t Alone
Dinosaurs may have ruled the earth, but they were never alone on it. A colorful cast of characters, including pump-headed insects, gigantic amphibian reptiles and tiny woodland mammals, coexisted with dinosaurs throughout the Mesozoic age.

“Dinosaur” reaches deep into our psyche and drags out nightmares from culturally-embedded monster myths. What is the truth about dinosaurs that underlies the popular awe and mystique that shrouds them? From UC Berkeley.

Everything Dinosaur
Educational activities. Feels like a field trip back through time.

Hooper Paleontological Museum
Click on the door of this virtual museum and wander around inside and wonder at the marvelous displays of ancient life forms.

How to Make a Dinosaur
In the book Jurassic Park (later turned into a movie of the same name) author Michael Crichton describes a formula to bring dinosaurs, extinct for 65 million years, back to life. Could this really be done?

Leonardo, the Mummy Dinosaur
Leonardo is quite a spectacular specimen. In addition to possessing rare skin impressions and being one of only four existing brachylophosaurus specimens uncovered to date, he is the first fully articulated subadult ever found and is believed to have been about 3 or 4 years old when he died.

Natural History Museum – Dinosaurs
The first dinosaurs appeared about 230 million years ago and for the next 160 million years, the Earth belonged to these ancient reptiles. Discover how these gentle plodding giants and fierce, bloodthirsty hunters lived, ate, and if they really died out 65 million years ago.

Paleonology: The Big Dig
See the fossil remains of two fighting dinosaurs, buried alive in the midst of their struggle. Lots of dinosaur projects for you to do.

Zoom Dinosaurs
A comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension.

Unit Study Resources

Dinosaur FlashcardsDinosaur Flashcards
by Flash of Brilliance
So many children are fascinated by dinosours– they always want to know more about them! You can feed their natural curiosity with this fact-filled volume of thick and durable flashcards from Flash of Brilliance. There’s so much to learn. Did you know: Some dinosaurs ate only plants. Others only meat. Very few ate both. Some dinosaurs aren’t really dinosaurs at all. They’re flying reptiles. One dinosaur was the largest creature ever to walk the earth. Every card is beautifully illustrated on the front by renowned “dino-artist” Joe Tucciarone, and filled with fun facts about that dinosaur on the back. Use to make own games.

Dinosaur Worksheets
Puzzles, research outlines, clipart, writing sheets, vocabulary building, creative writing, coloring sheets, and more.

Jurassic ParkJurassic Park
Instant Video on Amazon.com
Genetically engineered dinosaurs run amok at a tycoon’s island amusement park. Based on Michael Crichton’s novel.
Starring:Sam Neill, Laura Dern
Runtime:2 hours 8 minutes
Available in HD on supported devices

Jurassic Park Study Guide
Chaos theory and bioengineering ethics were already nascent topics of discussion when Crichton took them on in Jurassic Park.


Jurassic World Dinosaur Field Guide

Jurassic World Dinosaur Field Guide
by Dr. Thomas R. Holtz Jr. (Author), Dr. Michael Brett-Surman (Author), Robert Walters (Illustrator)
Written by two noted paleontologists and illustrated in big bold colors, is a kid-friendly nonfiction guide that uses simple text to describe over 100 dinosaurs! Kids will learn tons of awesome facts about the most well-known dinosaurs and some of the newest discoveries. The Dinosaur Field Guide also includes a pull-out dinosaur poster!

Extinction – Where did they go?

How many asteroids hit Earth?- What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?
BBC Documentary.

Dinosaur Extinction
Extinction is the process in which groups of organisms (species) die out. If the birth rate is less than the death rate over time, extinction results. Extinction is a natural result of evolution.

Who Dunnit to the Dinosaurs?
It may be that the dinosaurs were not just the victim of a single event, but a string of bad luck.

An allosaurus fossil skeleton

Riddle Answer: The Egg. Dinosaurs were laying eggs long before chickens came on the scene.

More Dinosaur Resources

Best Dinosaur Field Trips