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Time4Learning Demos

Ocean Sea Creatures – Marine Science

The Oceans’ Creatures

Dolphin off San Diego by Jennifer Dees

Dolphin off San Diego by Jennifer Dees


Animals and Exhibits
Dive into the world of water without getting wet at the New England Aquarium. Explore vibrant coral reefs, from the Bahamas and the tropical Pacific to temperate Australia.

Coastal Waters
Meet the animals that live in the coastal waters off the Oregon coast–starfish, jellyfish, Chinook salmon, crabs, prawns and more.

Gallery of Deep Ocean Creatures
These are the creepy crawlies and monsters of the deep you’ve been waiting to see. Starting with the first really deep ocean zone – the Mesopelagic.

Marine Biology
Look below the surface and you’ll see that there are lots of different kinds of ocean ecosystems – more than on land – all teeming with life. Ocean ecosystems depend on each other for survival.

Marine Life
Living organisms fill our ocean, estuaries, and coastal areas. These organisms take many forms from the tiniest single-cell plankton, to the largest mammal on Earth, the blue whale, and the largest colonial organism, the coral reef.

Marine Mammal Trainers Blog
Subscribe to this blog to watch videos of the northern fur seals at the New England Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Family and Educational Activities and Games
Interactive games to help you understand sea life. You may even have kelp in your kitchen cupboard! Find out about sea otters and sharks.

This site is devoted to the answering of all your questions you might have about seashells, beachcombing, cleaning seashells, preserving sealife, identifying your seashells, and more.


Fun Activities for Kids
Ponds Freeze in the Winter – Why Doesn’t the Ocean? Counting the Fish in the Sea. Make Your Own Deep-Sea Vent. How Sea-dwelling Animals Stay Warm. Make Your Own Sea Otter.

Open Ocean Activities
Find ocean activities, books, and more on our Pinterest board.


Exploring a Rock Pool (British Isles)
A ‘Rockpooler’ is a naturalist explorer of the shore. Rockpooling Reports in Glaucus are detailed studies introducing a visitor to various shores around the British Isles. The idea is to give rockpoolers information that may help them when visiting shores of which they are not familiar.

Ocean Habitats 
We live in a watery world. Earth received its nickname the “Blue Planet” because water covers almost three-quarters of its surface. The ocean is the largest of all the biomes on earth.

Ocean Life and Habitats
From outer space Earth looks like an awesome blue marble. That’s because most of Earth’s surface—more than 70 percent—is covered by oceans.


Gavin petting baby shark at aquarium on Santa Barbara pier.








Sharks for Kids 
From scary movies to beachside signs, sharks have a hair-raising reputation. But are they really as scary as they’re portrayed?

Shark Games
Sharks are a predatory animal with multiple rows of teeth. These teeth often fall out and then are replaced through the shark’s life. The tail of the shark provides movement and speed. Sharks use their highly evolved sense of smell to find food. While most people think of sharks as solitary, sometimes large groups of sharks gather together in the same location.

Shark Week
Get ready for all things shark with shark week!

Whales & Dolphins

Scott with whale skeleton at Long Marine Lab in Santa Cruz, CA






Bryant Austin’s Life-sized and Close-up Photos of Whales
He was six feet away from a humpback whale calf when its mother came up behind him and tapped his shoulder, gently extending her 15-foot pectoral fin in order to show Austin that she was watching him.

The story of Opo
In the early summer of 1955, A lone bottle-nose dolphin swam into the Hokianga Harbour in the far North of New Zealand and adopted the people of Opononi as her family. She became a folk hero, and even had songs written about her.


Ocean Conservation

Helping Kids Help the Ocean
Get ideas on how to help your children take better care of the ocean.

How YOU can help save our marine wildlife
Prepare for a splash kids, because we’re about to embark on an ocean voyage to save two of our favourite sea species – turtles and seahorses – from extinction!


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