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Fairy Gardens For Kids

Need a fun nature activity? Help your homeschooler get creative with these ideas for miniature gardens for kids, plus fun fairy garden plans.

By Ann Zeise and edited/updated by Andrea Dillon
*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although most of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.

Fairy gardens and miniature gardens are model garden spaces for tiny creatures, imagination, and play. These are simple kid-friendly gardening projects that can be created any time of the year and played outside in pleasant weather and inside during less enjoyable days. Below we have instructions on creating a miniature/ fairy garden plus others ideas and resources to help you expand the activity.


DIY Fairy Garden For Kids  Fairy Garden Plans and Ideas For Kids
Build Your Own Fairy Garden Kits


DIY Fairy Garden For Kids

Let me just say that if your child doesn’t care for a fairy theme, the miniature landscape and dwelling could be on any theme: for example, a little farm or horse ranch, a dinosaur landscape, an historical landscape from cavemen to a moon dwelling place. Whatever little toys your child wants to use would be just fine. When my brother and I were young, we built Lincoln Log cabins all over my parents’ rock garden and had an ongoing imaginary ranch system, complete with rivers…until our downhill neighbor got upset with the water running into their yard.Fairy Garden on first day.

1. Start simple, with an unneeded or broken container found around the house. The one I will show you here I made in a chipped fruit bowl. It has no drainage, which means I don’t have to worry about where the water will go. Here’s what it looked like when I started.

2. Buy little succulents, or ask to have some “cuttings” from a gardener. They actually like neglect up to a point! Succulents are not pokey, and won’t hurt a child. Some are pleasantly fuzzy. Most will flower.

3. And get a bag of cactus and succulent soil, unless you live in a desert, and have that sort of soil around. Some different textured rocks to make paths or streams can be fun, too.

4. I bought a fairy garden “kit” because I had a good coupon at a store that sold them. Later I found other items at a Michael’s craft store. You could make your own, too. I did discover that black items against dark soil didn’t show up well. I’ll use those items for another project.

Fairy Garden in its space.6. If it is going to be in a large container, build it where it will reside. Mine lives out on a glass table on the back porch.

7. Moms, resist giving your child too many directions. If they’ve never planted a plant before, then they may need a lesson on how to do this. In a nutshell just tell them it will look best with the bigger plants in the back, the next biggest to one side, and the smallest on the third side. The front will be the entrance where the fairies, tiny dinosaurs, cowboys, etc. will enter their garden. Figure out where any building will go, if you are adding a small house.

8. Last of all, decorate it! Play with it. Move things around. It is like a real garden that changes day-to-day. Here are some arrangements I made to my garden.

Fairy Garden in its space.

Fairy Garden Plans and Ideas For Kids

Need some inspiration on how to set up your DIY fairy garden for kids? Try these resources to help your homeschoolers make fabulous fairy garden plans or a wonderful miniature garden for kids.

9 enchanting fairy gardens to build with your kids | Today.com
If you’re looking for a kid-friendly gardening project this spring, consider the fairy garden. These whimsical container gardens offer kids a mini, planted playspace of their own with endless opportunities for customization and make-believe.



Fairy Garden Ideas | Home Depot 

“Fairy gardens are fun, miniature gardens you can create inside or outdoors. They’re great projects for kids and adults alike, who can share in the magical idea of luring fairies to visit.”


Fairy Gardening: Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden  $

“Design, plant, accessorize, and care for your very own fairy garden by choosing the perfect container, planting luxurious pint-sized plants, decorating with properly scaled accessories, and telling a story through the delicate fairies you choose.”



Fairy House: How to Make Amazing Fairy Furniture, Miniatures, and More from Natural Materials $

“This unique how-to book offers a look at “nature as art” in a more sophisticated style than most instructional books. Through more than 200 clear, detailed, full-color photographs and understandable yet whimsical guidance, the reader will learn to fashion intricate, tiny cups from acorn pods and grapevine tendrils, elaborate chairs from bark and moss, dreamlike beds from delicate flowers and leaves and an amazing array of other beautiful and unique pieces that will inspire the reader to find their true artistic ability and imagination.”



YouTube with a Harley-riding grandfather who builds fairy houses from found items around his yard and some craft store materials. His tip: furnish the house before you put the roof on!


How to make a miniature garden |NurtureStore 
“Small world play gives children the opportunity to be masters of their mini universe.”


Garden Tiny & Fairy Gardens | Pinterest
A Pinterest board with ideas for making doors with craft sticks, fairies with seed pods.


Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World $
Inspiring step-by-step projects feature basic skills that can be recreated in any number of designs, like a tiny patio, a trellis, a pond, and a secret garden.




Magical Fairy Garden Ideas | Balcony Garden Web
“These cute looking fairy gardens are really amazing. They’re inexpensive also and you can easily make them from unused, recycled materials.”


Magical Miniature Gardens & Homes: Create Tiny Worlds of Fairy Magic & Delight with Natural, Handmade Décor $

“From low-maintenance desert fairy gardens to tin towns for town-loving fairies, adults and kids alike will enjoy creating their very own miniature worlds. Complete with handmade décor like spool chimneys, magical signposts, goldfish and water lily ponds, birch and pine-thatch houses and more, your gardens will transport you into your own fairytale.”




Build Your Own Fairy Garden Kits

Want a quick-start kit fairy garden? Give one of these build kits a try. Once you have the basics down, add more to customize your miniature garden.


Advanced Play Fairy Garden Kit $
“Plant and grow your own magic garden using the included soil and seeds and watch it grow.”





Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit $
“Everything you need is included – just add water! Kit includes an 11″ diameter flower shaped paintable potting dish, enchanted flower house, gemstones, flowers, butterflies, paint, potting mix and seeds that grow like magic.”





My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise $
“Using the included soil and seeds, plant your very own fairy unicorn garden and watch it grow. Add your own flowers or seeds, too–the possibilities are endless. Maybe even decorate with some stones or other fun things you have.”





Creativity for Kids Grow N’ Glow Dinosaur Habitat $

“Design, plant and grow your own dinosaur habitat garden! This DIY indoor garden activity for kids is easy to do with great results! Quick growing seeds and easy set-up will make any dinosaur loving kid thrilled to watch their garden grow, and glow!”



Want more garden and plant fun? Check out our other blog posts below!

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