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Trees for Kids

Learn How to Celebrate Arbor Day for Kids… And Every Other Tree Hugging Day

Trees For Kids: Arbor Day Activities
By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.
*This post contains affiliate links. Items purchased through our links may earn us a commission.

Did you know that Arbor Day is celebrated all over the world? Did you know that in the US Arbor Day happens on a different day each year depending on the tree planting season in each state? That means there are Arbor Days all year round across the globe! We do not have to wait to celebrate this favorite natural resource. Trees span generations, document history, and secure our future. Trees help us build shelter, provide ourselves with warmth, communicate through writing, and enjoy nature. Trees are the subjects of art and music and romance, and they give us shade and fruit and homes for our animal friends. What is not to celebrate?

You can have so much fun learning and appreciating trees with your kids! Below are some free resources you can enjoy:

Learning about Trees

Enjoying Fall Foliage How to Celebrate Arbor Day
Arbor Day Lesson Plans for Kids Arbor Day Activities for Kids

Tree Projects for Kids


Learning about Trees

There are over 60,000 species of trees on Earth! While you may not be able to learn about each one, you can certainly find out a lot of interesting information about trees. Here are some links to facts and figures about trees:

Big Tree Drive-Thru (Roadside America)
Have you heard of the giant redwoods of Northern California? They are so big you can drive a car through them! Get some information about these giants here.



How Paper is Made (Idaho Forest Products Commission)
Discover the three sources of paper—pulpwood logs, recycled paper products, and sawmilling byproducts—and the processes that change these sources into the paper you use every day.

How Trees Talk to Each Other (TED Talk)
Check out this TED Talk by Suzanne Simard that describes how trees in a forest communicate and can act like a single organism.

Quick Tree Facts (National Christmas Tree Association)
Ever wonder how Christmas trees are grown? Find some fast facts here and then click on links to learn about the history of Christmas trees, tree varieties, and more.

These Five “Witness Trees” Were Present at Key Moments in America’s History (Smithsonian)
What is a “witness tree”? It is a tree that began as a typical tree but became a witness to an important historical event. A witness tree can tell a story about an area’s history long after the events are over. Learn about five of these trees and the history they share with us.

Tree Book
Download the PDF and learn to recognize the trees of British Columbia, Canada (and the US’s Pacific Northwest).



The Tree Guide (Arbor Day Foundation®)
Learn all about trees here, whether you are planting or just exploring nature. Find out about the heights and spreads of trees, their sun and soil requirements, how they become wildlife habitats, and so much more.

Trees (KidZone Science)
This is an overview of trees, including types of trees, parts of a tree, and parts of a trunk. Printables and worksheets can be found at the end! 


Enjoying Fall Foliage

If you live in an area where the foliage changes in the fall, you may very well find Fall to be your favorite time of year. You may look for peak times to see the Fall colors, and you may schedule a ride in the country or a hike somewhere to really enjoy the sights. Why do leaves change colors? Find out the answer to this question and more through these sites:

The Chemistry of Autumn Colors
Why do leaves change colors? Learn how chemistry gives us our Fall scenes here!

The Foliage Network
Do you love to take scenic drives to find the best Fall foliage? This is the site for you! Check the peak foliage conditions across the US and discover scenic driving routes and autumn vacations.



How to Celebrate Arbor Day

What can you do to celebrate Arbor Day or just another tree-appreciation day? You can sit under your favorite oak with a blanket and some apples for a snack, grab your copy of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, and enjoy nature in the shade of an old friend. That’s just one of many ideas:



Adopt A Tree (Trees for a Change)
Celebrate Arbor Day by adopting a tree or giving a gift of a planted tree. Order a tree for any occasion or for fundraising. Memorialize an important event or person while saving the planet.

Plant a Fruit Tree (Sunset)
Learn how to plant and care for a fruit tree for your Arbor Day celebration. Then enjoy the results for years to come!

The Treetures
For your young child, visit this site and meet the Treetures family, the Sproutlings, the Mudsters, and their forest friends. Find information on trees and tree planting, as well as songs and other activities. Fun!


Arbor Day Lesson Plans for Kids

Looking for a structured way to bring Arbor Day or tree-related learning into your homeschool? These lesson plans and ideas will help!



Arbor Day (Teacher Planet)
Learn about the history of Arbor Day and get some great tree-studying ideas for your homeschool. Find lesson plans and activities, as well as worksheets, coloring pages, printables, clipart, and other resources.

Arbor Day for Kids (Woo! Jr Kids Activities)
Explore what Arbor Day is and how it is celebrated around the world. Then check out ideas for how to put Arbor Day into subject areas like Economics, Social Studies, and Science. You can also find Arbor Day vocabulary worksheets and other printables.

Arbor Day in the Classroom (The Morton Arboretum)
Discover classroom lesson plans and activities for planting trees and learning about trees. Activities are grouped by grade level: Pre-K through 2, Grades 3 through 5, Grades 6 through 8, and Grades 9 through 12.

Explore Educational Resources (Arbor Day Foundation®)
Looking for ways to integrate tree-related activities within your regular classroom subjects? Check out these suggestions for science, social studies, math, art, physical education, ELA, Home Economics, Drama, and more.



Arbor Day Activities for Kids

Want something less structured than a lesson? Just take a walk in the woods! Need indoor activities? Perhaps your kids will enjoy some fun Arbor Day activities or Arbor Day crafts? How about some printables—like Arbor Day worksheets and Arbor Day coloring pages? Browse these pages to find exactly what you need to make tree appreciation a blast!

20 Fun Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day with Kids (Rock Your Homeschool)
Find hands-on activities, crafts, and printables here to help you celebrate Arbor Day and learn to appreciate our trees and their role in maintaining a healthy environment.

Arbor Day Arts & Crafts (Childfun)
Find ideas for making Hand Trees, Tree Worms, and Sponge-Painted Trees, as well as leaf presses and rubbings, and much more. How about some Arbor Day games and activities? Or Arbor Day songs, poems, and fingerplays? They are all here!

Arbor Day Crafts and Activities for Kids (DLTK)
This is where you can find all kinds of activities for celebrating and learning about Arbor Day. Find a Bingo Dauber Art project and a Squirrels and Acorn Paper Craft, among others. You can also find links to fables, poems, and even online jigsaw puzzles featuring trees!

Carly’s Kids Corner (Arbor Day Foundation®)
Enjoy this site filled with games and activities to help you learn about trees and their importance. Printable activity sheets are also included.



Trees Clipart and Graphics
Browse through these pages of royalty-free images of trees for use in artwork and presentations and other creative activities.


Go on a happy tree picture scavenger hunt with this free printable.



Tree Projects for Kids

Want to help your kids enjoy the trees that are around your house? Here are some ideas for projects that can make your yard more fun—thanks to trees!

Family Builds Amazing Treehouse For Less Than $300
Do you want to enjoy your trees for years to come? Check out how one family did a Do-It-Yourself project and built a treehouse for under $300!

How to Hang a Tire Swing
Enjoy the trees in your yard by making them part of your playground. Learn how to hang a tire swing here!



Do you have other ideas for celebrating Arbor Day and enjoying trees? Share them in the comments below….

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