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Time4Learning Demos

Virtual Microscope For Kids

Through a Microscope

handheld video camera microscopes and little girl

Homeschooled girl checking out the iPad connected, handheld video camera microscopes at the 2016 HSC conference. Check out the microscopes at School & Science Technology Resources, an A2Z page sponsor.

Microscope Views Online

Cells Alive
Packed with moving images of living cells under a microscope.

Come explore familiar and unexpected views of the microscopic world with these colorized images from electron microscopes at the University of Hawaii.

Microbe Zoo
Visit this virtual zoo and amusement park where the animals are microscopic and even in your snacks!

Molecular Expressions
Huge site with all sorts of information about microcopy. Loads of virtual microscopes to play with.

Nanoworld Image Gallery
Microscopic and macroscopic views of our world. Hundreds of lovely images.

Scientific Stock Photography Through the Microscope
Dennis Kunkel has some pretty amazing animated photos of the microscopic world. The images are for sale, but you can enjoy them online.

Stalking the Mysterious Microbe
Microbiologist Sam Sleuth is hot on the trail of the tiniest animals on the planet. Some of them are even on your hands! Help him find them.

Translational Microscopy
A virtual microscope. Select your sample, and move the slide around, change the focus, and zoom in close or back away.

In more ways than one, microbes are the foundation of life on Earth. They are makers and destroyers. They promote health and cause disease. They are tools to shape our future and a source of new challenges. In short, they are our friends and sometimes our enemies.

Cellular Biology

3D Plant Cell Project
You’ll be making the parts of your cell out of various food and kitchen items. What you use is up to you but here are a few ideas.

Cells Are Us
Did you know that your body is made of millions and millions tiny cells? But did you know that all those millions and millions of cells came from just one tiny cell, the first cell that was you?


Collecting and Identifying Specimens

How to collect Microscopic Pond Life
The easiest way to collect micro-organisms and other small pond life is to squeeze the water from water plants or pond scum into a container.

Pond Life Identification Kit
The table and linked pages are a guide to some common groups of smaller freshwater organisms (microscopic to a few millimetres in size). If not familiar with an organism, see what drawing and features it most closely resembles in the table and then follow the links.

Virtual Pond Dip
Take a dip in the jar to learn about some common types of smaller pond life, with links to Micscape Magazine resources.

Making Microscopes

$10 Smartphone to digital microscope conversion
The cost of this project is just $10 (not counting the smartphone), and it only takes about 20 minutes to build. You can be viewing cells with your smartphone within the hour. Includes discussion comments if something does work quite right for you at first.

Using Microscopes

Mrs D Mrs K – How to Use a Microscope
Mrs D and Mrs K – Making a Wet Mount Slide

Magnification Module
Practice zooming in and out at different magnifications on this virtual microscope. Helps you understand what it means to magnify something 25x or 1000x.

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