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Bees Information For Kids

The Bumble Bee Pages
Bumblebees are large, hairy insects with a lazy buzz and clumsy, bumbling flight. Many of them are black and yellow, and along with ladybirds and butterflies are perhaps the only insects that almost everyone likes.

Hey! A Bee Stung Me!
Honeybees, wasps, hornets, fire ants, and yellow jackets may look different and have different homes, but they all sting when they are upset! If a person is stung by any of these insects, the sting will feel a lot like a shot at the doctor’s office.

Honeybee Facts 
Did you know that a honeybee queen can live up to five years?  Learn more honeybee facts with National Geographic Kids!

Bee Man getting the honey bee hive out of our house.

Bee Man getting the honey bee hive out of our house.

The Honeybee Waggle Dance
When an experienced forager returns to the colony with a load of nectar or pollen that is sufficiently nutritious to warrant a return to the source, she performs a dance on the surface of the honeycomb to tell other foragers where the food is. The dancer “spells out” two items of information— distance and direction—to the target food patch. Recruits then leave the hive to find the nectar or pollen.

Dancing under a Polarized Sky
Bees returning to the beehive after finding a good supply of food will communicate to other bees by dancing at a particular region in the comb: the dance floor.

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