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Time4Learning Demos

Beetles Information For Kids

Beetles - Insects 4 Kids

Lady Bugs

A to Z Kids Stuff Ladybugs
Poems, art and science projects, even a cute recipe using a half a red apple to make a ladybug snack. For small children.

Lady Bugs
Some interesting tricks to get lady bugs to hang around your yard to eat the aphids and white flies, and also how to encourage them to move on, if there are too many.

The Lost Ladybug Project
To be able to help the nine spotted ladybug and other ladybug species scientists need to have detailed information on which species are still out there and how many individuals are around. Entomologists at Cornell can identify the different species but there are too few of us to sample in enough places to find the really rare ones. We need you to be our legs, hands and eyes. If you could look for ladybugs and send us pictures of them on Email we can start to gather the information we need.


Cockroach Facts 
This family-owned site is full of information about cockroaches, a few other pests, and the important job of getting rid of pests when they invade and threaten your home. You’ll also learn some things to respect about cockroaches and why not all cockroaches (like the ones that stay out of your house) are bad.

Hissing Cockroach
The Madagascar hissing cockroach is all hiss and no sting. Learn more about this interesting cockroach.

Help it’s a Roach! 
Learn about cockroaches and ways to control them with our interactive game and using an activity book.