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Best Dinosaur Field Trips

Where to see dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures

These dinosaur field trips range from the pretty tame to the very scary. You know your child best. Some enjoy seeing animatronic dinosaurs, and others would have nightmares for weeks. For others, the bones are interesting enough. Make sure your child understands that bones are inside most animals. Learning how a chicken has bones and how they join together would be an easy lesson to do at home. Energetic and studious older children and teens may enjoy going on a real dig. Here’s a story about some boys who found some Pleistocene era fossils not far from where I live. The story isn’t quite right. No one forgot about the site: they built an interstate freeway over it! My point being, that kids, trained to identify fossils, and their natural curiosity, can often make important finds.

Dire Wolf Skull

Dire Wolf Skull in the
Children’s Natural History Museum, Fremont, CA
©Ann Zeise

The Age of Reptiles Mural
At the Yale Peabody Museum. It is at once a motion picture and a time machine, a menagerie and a botanical garden that portrays an almost unimaginable chapter of earth history spanning more than 300 million years. Click on the mural to get more information. A virtual museum tour.

Center for GeoScience Education and Research
The Bighorn Basin GeoScience Center is dedicated to the study, conservation, and appropriate display of the northern Bighorn Basin’s natural resources, and to the promotion of geoscience and local historical and educational activities. We offer exhibits and educational materials for educators, geoscientists, tourists, and the people of Wyoming.

Dinosaur National Monument
The legacy of rivers, past and present. Here, preserved in the sands of an ancient river, is a time capsule from the world of dinosaurs. The Zeise family stopped here on their trip across the country. It was out of the way, but worth the trek. Located in the north corner where Utah and Colorado meet.

T-Rex head and small child at the Dinosaur Park in Texas

A child poses with model T-Rex. Photo used with permission. Copyright © 2004- 2005

The Dinosaur Park
Travel back in time as you walk along six life-size dinosaur replicas on display throughout nature trails. Bastrop County, Texas.

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Plan to take two days to fully explore this natural preserve in Alberta, Canada. It has a group campground, so perhaps your whole support group could visit at once!

Dinosaur State Park, Connecticut
One of the largest dinosaur track sites in North America, displaying early Jurassic fossil tracks made 200 million years ago.

Dinosaur World
Three outdoor museums, one in Plant City, Florida, one in Cave City, Kentucky, and the third in Glen Rose, Texas. Nestled among a lush assortment of native vegetation, the dinosaurs are so believable that some visitors claim to see them moving through the shadows cast by the many native trees.

Dinosaurs in New Jersey
The Morris Museum’s Dinosaur Den houses some of our most well-loved exhibition materials, including real and cast fossils, reconstructed dinosaur skeletons and life-sized dinosaur models.

Field Station Dinosaurs
9 minutes from Manhattan. Animatronic dinosaurs. Educational workshops for kids. One Dinosaur Way, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094

Fryxell Geology Museum of Augustana College
This site is a photographic tour of this college museum in Rock Island, Illinois. Photos include that of Cryolophosaurus, other dinosaurs, reptiles, Ice Age mammals, Mazon Creek specimens, and earlier Ordovician fossils, plus the remains of pterosaurs and mosasaurs.

La Brea Tar Pits
In the heart of Los Angeles, California, for tens of thousands of years, lay an asphalt tar pond that trapped many creatures of the Pleistocene: sabre tooth tigers, mastodons, birds of prey and more. Holds regular Homeschool Days. Visit the adjoining museum, the Page Museum.

Marmarth Research Foundation
North Dakota The Marmarth Research Foundation is conducting seven weeks of research activity in 2008 and is accepting applications from volunteers to assist with the project. The minimum age of participation is 14.

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail
This site in Utah is a bold experiment; there are no guards or fences here. You, the visitor, are the protector of this valuable resource. It is illegal to remove, deface, or destroy improvements, rocks, and fossils.


The story of Missouri’s dinosaur begins in Bollinger County, Missouri, in 1942 when the Chronister family accidentally uncovered a number of unusually large bones while digging a well.

Montana Dinosaur Digs: Judith River Dinosaur Institute of Montana
The Phillips County Museum is the official repository for specimens collected through the work of the Judith River Dinosaur Institute.

National Museum of Natural History
in Washington D.C. The last dinosaurs roamed what is now the Western Interior of North America. Then global catastrophe ended their reign, leaving only a single group of dinosaurs — birds — to survive.

The field camp is located in Jordan, Montana. Come Dig-for-a-Day, stay for a week. Museum and extensive courses also available. Join them on a dig in China!

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
Host to some of the most spectacular dinosaurs, marine reptiles, flying reptiles and fish of North America’s Late Cretaceous world. Located “At the Palms” in downtown Woodland Park, 201 S. Fairview St., Woodland Park, Colorado.

Royal Tyrrell Museum
There’s a lot to see and just as much to do at the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum. To find the activity that’s right for you.

UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Both the website and the real museum in California have plenty to see for the young dinosaur enthusiast.

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