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Time4Learning Demos

Birds – A Unit Study for Kids

Science and Care

Photo of a juvenile Bald Eagle in its nest on Little Swan Island, across from our summer “camp” on the Kennebec River in Maine. The nest is used year after year. Last summer a mature bald eagle flew right into a tree by our cabin and proceeded to eat a large fish he had caught. By the time I got my camera, he was gone.

Great Backyard Bird Count
Usually 3rd weekend in February, Friday through Monday. Get your bird feeder up and start learning to identify your visitors and then report your findings to scientists over this 4-day weekend.

Bird Science – Ornithology

All About Bird Anatomy
Explore how birds are built with Bird Academy’s virtual bird. Turn on and off each system and target particular parts to learn more about them and how to pronounce their names. With more than 100 parts at your fingertips, you can learn bird anatomy quickly and effectively. Then activate flashcard mode to quiz yourself.

4-H Embryology and EGG Cam
Lots of photos showing you how to incubate, candle, and raise young birds. From the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Bird Games and Videos 
Learn about different types of birds through these fun games and videos.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
An “ornithologist” is a scientist who studies birds. This is a colorful site with lots of interesting information, including sound files and to help identify birds you may see or hear.

From Egg To Chick
What is more fascinating than to see a fully-developed baby chick emerge from an egg? Just three weeks of incubation transforms a seemingly lifeless chicken egg into an active, living being.

The Life of Birds
Just how smart are birds? Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? Which birds are the super athletes of the avian world? How do bird parents protect their eggs and young? What messages do birds’ songs relay?

How strong is an eggshell? Experiment and find out!

Owl Brand Discovery Kits
Free Barn Owl Pellet Dissection Lab booklet to download. You’ll also find our Bird’s Eye Discovery Viewer, a great way to add value to your lab experience. In addition, our Owl Pellet Dissection Demo will be helpful in case you have never done such a dissection before. We also sell owl pellets for a reasonable price.

Zoom Birds
Covers bird species, birding, fossils, bird extremes (biggest, fastest, etc.), the link between dinosaurs and birds, bird anatomy, backyard birding, bird as symbols, classification, evolution, and even jokes.


Bird Watching and Identification

My tamed Western scrub jay, No Fear, opens peanuts while sitting on my hand. She either eats them right away or buries them in the yard. I’ve noticed the squirrels watch her carefully, and steal the hidden peanuts when she comes back for another. Taming and handfeeding backyard birds is a fun project for homeschoolers.

The Albatross Project
Kids from all over are joining with scientists to track ocean-going albatrosses in Hawaii. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Hawaii. This is done with satelite tracking devices.

Bird Songs
Pictures, songs and calls of some New York State birds.

Bird Cams
check out the latest National Geographic bird cams here.

Great Backyard Bird Count
February each year. Get your bird feeder up and start learning to identify your visitors and then report your findings to scientists over this 4-day weekend.

We attracted hummers last year, and Scott witnessed the second fledgling leave the nest. Come find out more about these charming birds.

Hummingbird Nest
>It’s twins! Just feet from our front door. Come see the photos by Ann Zeise.


Operation Ruby Throat
Do you love to watch the hummingbirds come to your feeder? Then you might like to join this web-based project for students all over the world.

Build it for the birds

2-Liter Plastic Soda Bottle Bird Feeder
Make these with empty Coke or Pepsi bottles. For a dowel, you could also use a pencil. You may need an adult’s help to drill the holes the right size, as determined by what size seeds you will be filling it with.

Attracting Birds by Creating a Bird-Friendly Backyard
Serves as a helpful guide for people just getting started in the rewarding activity of wild bird feeding and for those who have been feeding their feathered friends for many years.

Backyard Bird Feeding
The opportunity to share food and enjoy the mystique of birds at close range provides hours of enjoyment just outside your home. Bird feeding adds diversity to your day and enriches your life.

Bluebird Nest Box Plans
Several plans designed for easy access for observation and cleaning. Specifications for attracting nesting bluebirds in different areas of the USA.

Ornithology WebSite
All you need to identify birds, make a backyard habitat, and build the right size birdhouse or bird feeding station.

Draw Birds

Common Birds Coloring Pages
Search the Cornell All About Birds site to learn the colors of the birds you don’t know.

Dragon Art – How to Draw Bird
A variety of artists with different styles show you how to draw realistic and cartoon birds.

How To Draw A Bird
To learn some simple bird drawings is in fact very easy and I’ll show you here how to do it. Once you know the basics – the “recipe” – it may surprise you how simple it is.

Pet bird care

Pet Bird Care
Thinking of taking in a pet bird. Learn about basic pet bird care from the association of avian veterinarians.

Find even more bird-themed ideas on our Bird Pinterest Page.

The photos on this page are copyrighted by Ann Zeise. Children may use the photos for personal work not posted on the web. Students should note where they got the photo.



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