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Time4Learning Demos

Bugs as Pets

Bug Pets
One of the best ways to learn about animals is to keep and look after them. insects and other invertebrates are no exception. In most cases they are easy to look after (provided you’ve found out about them first), inexpensive and don’t require a vast amount of space.

Crickets Rearing
You can raise crickets simply because you like them or because you want to use them as bait when fishing.

Isopod, Pillbug, Sow Bug Rearing
Have you ever turned over a rock or old board and discovered a small, hard-shelled creature resembling a miniature armadillo, and then upon picking it up had it roll-up into a near-perfect ball in your hand? Such armoured creatures are called wood-lice or sowbugs and those kinds that roll up are often called pillbugs.

Keeping Exotic Pets
Tarantulas? Leaf insects? Praying Mantis? Find out how to keep them as pets from this site! Learn all about what to consider before getting your pet and how to best care for it after it is home!


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