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Time4Learning Demos

Butterflies And Moths Life Cycle

Learn about raising and observing butterflies and moths, resources for animated gifs of butterflies.


Butterfly Life Cycle – Pipevine Swallowtail

Amateur entomologist – butterfly collection
Whether you are looking for more information about collecting real butterflies and moths or just looking for animated gifs of bugs, you’ll find it on this website.

Butterfly School
Not for the butterflies! For you! Help identifying butterflies, collecting them, and even making a “house” for one to keep and observe for a while.

The Butterfly Website
Join us in learning more about the fascinating world of butterflies. Here you can tour our photo gallery, learn how to plant a butterfly garden, take a field trip, find a pen-pal, chat with other butterfly-lovers and so much more.

Children’s Butterfly Site Coloring Page
Joy Lewallen at the Houston Museum of Natural Science has created a lesson plan using these butterfly life cycle images to teach students about metamorphosis.

How to Make Butterfly Gardens
Though this site is from Kentucky, varieties of these plants can grow almost anywhere.

Miracle of Migration
How do Monarch butterflies, hatched in the summer, ever find the warm places where their ancestors have spent winters forever?

Monarch Butterflies
Information and lots of lovely photographs of Monarchs and a few butterflies that look similar. Did you know that Monarch Butterflies are toxic (poisonous) to birds?

Monarch Butterfly Migration Tracking
Help track the migration of these orange and black butterflies. Starts again each spring.

Monarch Watch
Everything you would ever want to know about observing and raising monarch butterflies in your home.

Where do Butterflies Come From?
Like so many other living creatures on Earth, the butterfly’s life begins as an egg. Different species of butterflies lay different amounts of eggs. The eggs are tiny, only one to two millimeters, and are laid on a leaf of the host plant.

This butterfly was visiting our church’s butterfly garden in Milpitas, CA. I’ve been told that it is a Gulf Fritillary, Agraulis vannilae, by Donna Dupske, Manager of Educational Services
The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House, St. Louis, MO. The plant is a Butterfly Bush (Buddleja). Click on the photo to play The Butterfly Movie. More on California Butterflies and California Native Plants


Butterfly or Moth from the Sci Show!  

Life Cycle of a Moth
Moths undergo complete metamorphosis in which they go through four different life stages.

Learn about moths and their life from the Smithsonian.

Moths Count 
Moths are overlooked and misunderstood. Most people love butterflies, but many of us know less about moths and often don’t appreciate them.