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Time4Learning Demos

Dinosaur Arts Crafts Project Ideas For Kids

Dinosaur Arts Crafts

Dinosaurs in the Movies

The 7 Best Movies for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs
Do you have a dinosaur lover? Find a dino movie they will love!

Dinosaur Clip Art

Dinosaur Timeline Clipart
Paintings by Josef Moravec are sorted by geologic time period. These are very lovely, but each has a watermark, making them suitable for student reports, but not other websites.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals
Paintings by Josef Moravec, each with a short description about the creature. View alphabetically or by the timeline.

Dinosaur Stories & Jokes

Dinosaur Jokes, Puns & Riddles
Skit of dinosaur joke and puns. By Ann Zeise.

Color a Dinosaur

Dinosaur Calendar
Print out the pages of this dinosaur calendar and then color them.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages
16 pages to print out and color in offline.

Ivy’s Dinosaur Coloring Pages
Click to get a large sheet to print out and color, but be prepared! The dinosaurs will roar at you!

What Colors Were Dinosaurs?
What color were dinosaurs? Well, at least one of them had a feathered mohawk tail in a subdued palette of chestnut and white stripes. January 2010.

Draw a Dinosaur

How to Draw Dinosaurs Step by Step
A number of dinosaur art projects, and for mammals that came much later, such as mammoths and Tasmanian tigers.

How To Draw A T-Rex
Eleven easy steps to follow and learn to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Watch their YouTube, if that would be easier.

Dinosaur Craft Projects

Dinosaur Diorama
Create your own prehistoric dinosaur scene in a box. Just print out the dinosaurs, paste, color, cut, arrange them in the box, and – welcome to the Mesozoic Era, the “Age of Dinosaurs.”

Dinosaur Feet
Got a little monster in your family? He will just love these dinosaur feet for dress up.

Dinosaur Party
Everything you need to have a fun party, from the invitations to the crafts, food, and games.

Dinosaur Soaps
How to make glycerine bars of soap with toy dinosaurs inside.

Download a Dinosaur
Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs that you can download from this site and print out on your printer. All that is needed is scissors and glue. Soon your home will be overrunning with raptors.

How Did That Stegosaurus Get in Your House?
Using 4 paper plates, turn yourself into a Stegosaurus.

Make Your Own Trashasaurus Rex Sculpture
Just as folk artists work with whatever they have on hand to make art, you can use found materials to create a sculpture like Trashasaurus Rex and express how you feel about the solid waste problem. Creating such a sculpture will help save landfill space, and displaying your work in a public place can make others aware of the solid waste problem.

Origami Dinosaurs
As well as photos and instructions for the dinosaurs, I have included scientific data and a brief description. Hopefully, this will stimulate your interest too.

Papier Maché Dinosaur Hats
Each step takes about an hour or less. A few days drying time is required between the papier-mâché part, the application of decorations, and the painting part. It is also messy, involving tearing paper, gluing it, decorating, and painting.

Make A Fossil Print From Kitchen Ingredients
Make your own fossil print from ingredients found in the kitchen.

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