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Time4Learning Demos

Learning About Wolves

Find out more about wolves and the role they play in the ecosystem. Help save wolves from being slaughtered.

Adopt a wolf
Help save wolves from senseless slaughter. Enables Defenders of Wildlife to fight in court to keep vital federal protections for wolves in the Greater Yellowstone and Northern Rockies region.

Ashley Judd and Defenders of Wildlife on the Idaho Wolf Hunt
Actress and activist Ashley Judd lends her voice to a new video from Defenders of Wildlife calling on President Obama to take action to stop Idaho’s deadly wolf hunt.

Endangered Red Wolf Pups Born in Chattanooga
24-hour old Red Wolf pups born to exhibit pair at the Chattanooga Nature Center on April 3. Perhaps these pups will one day live in the wild on Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge or other parts of eastern North Carolina?

Endangered Wolf Center
Learn about endangered wolves with the Endangered Wolf Center.

Gray Wolf ~ Enchanted Learning
Print out and color this gray wolf, and learn some simple facts. For younger learners.

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) 
The wolf is the largest member of the canine family. Gray wolves range in color from grizzled gray or black to all-white. As the ancestor of the domestic dog, the gray wolf resembles German shepherds or malamutes. Wolves are making a comeback in the Great Lakes, Northern Rockies, and the Southwestern United States.

How to Draw a Wolf
Find out how to draw a wolf in ten steps! This free online animal-drawing tutorial will teach you some of an artist’s best tricks in a matter of minutes.


by Liev Schreiber (Actor), Jamie Dutcher (Actor, Producer)
For centuries, wolves have been characterized as bloodthirsty beasts, tormentors of ranchers and the bane of helpless livestock. Determined to overcome this misconception, filmmakers Jamie and Jim Dutcher – creators of the Emmy-winning Wolves at Our Door – spent six years in a tented camp in the wilderness of Idaho, living with a pack of wolves, listening to them and earning their trust.

Kids only Wolf Information
Learn wolf lingo. Learn what different postures mean. Learn about the species wolves eat.


Living With Wolves
Myth #1: Wolves attack people.
Myth #2: Wolves are eating all the elk.
Myth #3: Wolves are killing all the sheep and cattle.
Wolves help ecosystems. Here’s how.

by Laura Marsh
Read Inside
Level 2 Reader

They run in packs, stalk their prey, and howl at the moon. And no matter where you are–they’re always lurking somewhere nearby. Wolves, the predatory puppy dogs of the wild, are feared and loved by people everywhere. But are they misunderstood?

In this fascinating level 2 reader, you’ll learn that there’s much more to being a wolf than most people could ever believe. Did you know that each pack has a pecking order? That wolves can “talk” to each other using body language? Or that they’re actually not out to attack humans, they usually leave people well enough alone? Full of incredible photographs and interesting information, NGR Wolves will appeal to all kids.

Photos of Wolves
Young wolves spent a lot of time attacking and wrestling each other playfully, helping them learn hunting skills that they’ll need later on.

Timber Wolf
Have you ever heard a wolf howl in the wild? Not many people have. Once, the haunting sound of wolves echoed throughout North America. Three hundred years ago, somewhere between 3,000-5,000 wolves roamed all over Wisconsin.

What’s in a Howl?
Listen to samples of wolf howls. The center of a wolf’s universe is its pack, and howling is the glue that keeps the pack together. Howling is a long distance contact and reunion call; separate a wolf from its pack, and very soon it will begin howling, and howling, and howling…

Wolf Picture Gallery
A good number of photos of wolves.

Wolf Reintroduction Changes Ecosystem
When the grey wolf was reintroduced into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in 1995, there was only one beaver colony in the park, said Doug Smith, a wildlife biologist in charge of the Yellowstone Wolf Project.

Wolf Research Concepts
This course for teens was developed by the International Wolf Center to promote awareness about wolves and foster an interest in learning more about them. During this course, you will become familiar with a variety of tools that researchers use to study wolves. Wolf research enables humans to better understand wolf behavior, ecology, and conservation.

Wolfhaven Educational Programs
Over millions of years wolves have evolved into highly intelligent animals with a successful social structure that enables them to live and hunt in family groups called packs. This arrangement allows wolves to hunt larger animals than a single wolf, hunting alone, would be able to do. This family unit also promotes greater survival of their young. Wolf Haven also gives education programs in Arizona, California, and Oregon as well as Washington State.

Wolves, Coyotes, and Dogs (Genus Canis)
The genus Canis includes wolves, coyotes, jackals, and domestic dogs. In the midwestern U.S. at least three members of the genus are found in sites that date from the last Ice Age. These three members are the dire wolf (Canis dirus), the gray wolf (Canis lupus) and the coyote (Canis latrans).

Wolves Fishing

Wolves for Kids
From Wolf Song of Alaska. Here is a list of popular stories about wolves. Each story gives the wolf a bad name. Visit the library and read as many of these stories as you can find. Then describe what’s wrong with the way the wolf is portrayed in each story. This and more activity ideas.

The Wolves of Yellowstone
When these eight newborn wolf pups were found two summers ago huddled together in a den in Yellowstone, biologists were elated. The pups were the first gray wolves born in the region since the 1920s–the last time wild wolves roamed the national park.

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