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Time4Learning Demos

Biology for Kids

Experiments and Information

Plant Experiment for Kids
This is a quick and easy experiment called Color Changing Plants! Help young early elementary children discover how plants absorb nutrients and water through tubes called xylem. They will see that the color of the plant’s water changes the color of the plant!

Anatomy for Kids
By looking inside virtual bodies you can see how your own body works.
Brain & Nerves
Ears & Hearing
Eyes & Sight
Heart & Blood
Mouth Parts
Animals, Animals
If you have pets or enjoy observing animals in the wild, here are the pages for you!
Bugs – Insects for Kids
Butterflies & Moths
Dinosaur Arts & Crafts
Dinosaur Field Trips
Dinosaurs and Other Monsters
Frogs – Amphibians
Ocean Creatures
Rabbits for Kids
Wiggly Worms

Biology Classes
Free biology lessons, lesson plans and games to help you master intermediate, high school or AP biology level.

Visit the earth’s Biomes which are areas with very different geology and plant and animal life: deserts, rainforests, tundra, taigas, temperate and grasslands.

Help save the precious resources of the tropical rainforests by learning more about the people, plants and animals that thrive there.

Zoom in real close to look at tiny things, build your own microscope or find one to buy. Learn how to use one.

Plant Science Projects For Kids
Botany is the science of how plants work, from the tiniest seeds and algae to the tallest trees.
Garden Projects
Trees for Kids