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Lead Poisoning – Safety Lesson For Kids

Kids Know About the Lead Poisoning in the Flint, MI, Water Supply

How can a kid learn if their water and toys are safe from lead poisoning? Here is information that can help reassure kids and parents that their homes are safe, and if not, what can be done about it.

Why is Lead Poisoning in the News?
Why is Lead Dangerous for Children?
Can Our Pets be Affected by Lead?
Testing for Lead
Facts about Lead

Why is Lead Poisoning in the News?

When the Water Turned Brown
Standing at a microphone in September holding up a baby bottle, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a local pediatrician, said she was deeply worried about the water. The number of Flint children with elevated levels of lead in their blood had risen alarmingly since the city changed its water supply the previous year, her analysis showed.

Sources of Lead – From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
A child’s environment is full of lead. Children are exposed to lead from different sources (such as paint, gasoline, solder, and consumer products) and through different pathways (such as air, food, water, dust, and soil). Although there are several exposure sources, lead-based paint is the most widespread and dangerous high-dose source of lead exposure for young children. Look for any of these possible sources of lead in your household. Tell a parent if you find any. Do not touch or taste.

Sources of Lead
Folk Medicine
Sindoor Alert
Toy Jewelry

Why is Lead Dangerous for Children?

The effects of Flint’s lead poisoning disaster

Can Our Pets be Affected by Lead?

Lead Poisoning in Dogs
Lead poisoning is more common in young animals and in dogs living in poor areas. However, cats also succumb to lead poisoning. Search on site to see if your type of pet may be susceptible to lead poisoning.

Testing for Lead

by Waterside
* Results on the spot
* No Lab Required
* No Mixing or Measure
* Calibrated the EPA standard for lead
If this test shows even a minimal amount of lead or other pollution, have your water retested by a professional.

Lead In Drinking Water – Is There Lead In My Drinking Water?
Lead can be harmful to your health, but just how harmful depends on how much lead gets into your body, your health, and where the lead becomes stored in your body. This website provides information about lead in drinking water.

Lead in Toys: Could It Be Lurking in Your Home?
While many dangerous toys have been recalled, lead has been found in some that haven’t made any recall list. Here’s what you need to know. Look for such toys in your collection.

Facts about Lead

Lead – Royal Society of Chemistry
Sit includes basic facts as well as a Podcast and videos about lead, making it an interesting site for teens and children able to understand some chemistry.


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