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Time4Learning Demos

Chemistry Demonstrations

Showy Chemistry for Kids to Watch

Showy chemistry demonstrations for advanced students and teachers to amaze and delight younger kids.

Since chemistry is a process, not just a collection of facts, children should be encouraged to do what real chemists do: make predictions, design and modify experiments, make observations, and draw reasonable conclusions. No liability for personal injury or damage to property or facilities will be assumed by A to Z Home’s Cool in connection with these activities and experiments. Be sure you understand lab safety considerations before you start.

Chemistry Java Applets
The Interactive Library is about “real interactivity”! The database contains hundreds of activities that make use of sophisticated java, vrml and shockwave programs. For those who can’t afford the mess.

Dr. Grovenstein & Igor’s Halloween Lecture Notes
My name is Dr. Grovenstein and I would like to welcome you to my laboratory. Today, I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite topics BURNING! (I love burning)

Mickey Introduces Chromatography
What is chromatography, you ask?? Well, quite simply, it is a broad range of separation methods used to separate and analyze complex mixtures.

Nice series of experiments using ordinary household chemicals that could be used as a chemistry course for those about 12 and older.

Quia Chemistry
Create your own chemistry game with Quia tools or play some of the other games designed by visitors to this site.

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Showy Demonstrations

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