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Subscription Chemistry boxes for your home STEM studies

What if a perfect alternative to a school lab with safe, educational & exciting experiments were delivered to your door every month? And you could explore chemistry at home without having to dig around for ideas and supplies? 

Chemistry is one of the most exciting and spectacular fields of study, one that permeates into almost every aspect of our modern lives. Efficient STEM studies can translate standard learning into an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of our world. However, the abstract nature of chemical reactions, where the magic occurs at the level of unimaginably tiny atoms, can sometimes make it challenging for children to grasp. 

If you are a homeschooling parent looking to introduce chemistry to your science class, we have a perfect solution for your family.

MEL Science offers a monthly subscription to chemistry experiments for children – MEL Chemistry. This subscription is undeniably a positive addition to early science education.

You can subscribe to MEL Chemistry either independently with a 25% discount or via your school. MEL Science is already a certified vendor to 70+ schools across the US. If your school isn’t listed here, feel free to reach out – MEL Science will contact your school and take care of everything.

A perfect match for homeschoolers

Homeschooling parents are constantly searching for ways to provide their children the best education possible. It is crucial that each child develop at their own pace and learn hands-on, all the while guided by clear instructions.

MEL Chemistry sets are the perfect addition to a homeschooling science curriculum. Moreover, the experiments serve as a great way to spend meaningful time together as a family and teach your kids to work together as a team. 

Subscribers receive one chemistry set per month. Each set contains 2-3 experiments, which can each be conducted twice or by two kids simultaneously. MEL Science has partnered with A2ZHomeschooling to offer our community members a special 25% discount with the promo code A2ZHomeschooling. Shipping is free within the US. 

How does the subscription work? 

Your first month, MEL sends you a Starter Kit with all the equipment your child will need to conduct the experiments, as well as a VR headset completely free. The kit also includes your first 2 experiments. Every following month, a new set with 2-3 experiments arrives straight to your door. And you can pause or cancel your subscription anytime with no additional charges.

You can download MEL’s free app to help your children dive deeper into the exciting and colorful world of chemistry. The app can also be used to conduct the experiments – its animated step-by-step instructions make all the experiments easy.

All experiments included in MEL Chemistry sets are accompanied by video explanations and contain detailed descriptions and exciting assignments. Don’t forget to document your child’s journey into the world of chemistry and post the videos on social media! You can find some ideas here

How does VR help education?

MEL Chemistry’s free mobile app will give you a unique opportunity to explore molecules and substances on a whole new level. Complex chemistry concepts are easily explained – your child can “dive into” a pencil or a balloon and examine the molecules they contain! A guaranteed wow effect! 

MEL provides you with a free VR Headset in the first package, so your children can immediately begin exploring the molecules they encounter in their first experiments. MEL Chemistry VR lessons are aligned with the K-12 chemistry curriculum, covering several of its main topics. The 33 VR lessons are available free to all subscribers. 

Ready to subscribe? 

Subscribe today and get a special 25% discount as a member of the A2ZHomeschooling community. You can subscribe to MEL Chemistry either independently or through your school. MEL Science is a certified vendor to 70+ schools across the US. 

Inspire a love of science and foster an incredible learning experience unlike anything your children have experienced before. Bring chemistry to life! 

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  1. fredluis721 on October 22, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    So informative things are provided here,I really happy to read this post,I was just imagine about it and you provided me the correct information I really bookmark it,for further reading,So thanks for sharing the information.

    • Andrea Dillon on October 22, 2019 at 10:13 pm

      Happy to have helped! Thanks for the kind words!

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