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Computers For Kids – Computer Science

Computers for Kids

Safe Computing

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Do you ever feel a numbness or tingling in the middle of your hand, especially at night? Maybe you drop things or feel a pain that goes up your arm as high as the shoulder. Is it getting harder to swing a baseball bat at practice or play a video game? These may be the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Computers can be a real pain
Whether you’re writing a report about aardvarks or zapping alien beings, using a computer can affect different parts of your body, like your hands, wrists, back, and eyes.


Your Child’s First Computer Lesson

The Brain vs. The Computer: Similarities and Differences
Throughout history, people have compared the brain to different inventions. In the past, the brain has been said to be like a water clock and a telephone switchboard. These days, the favorite invention that the brain is compared to is a computer.

Computer History
I live in Silicon Valley, CA, so have a fascination about the history of the computer industry. This page is part of the history section of Go Milpitas! my community website.

FFFBI Headquarters
Agents engaged by the site quickly learn to share the goals of the Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation as they read, write and think, while fighting for Truth, Justice, and Stuff Like That. (Learn to search the web.)

The Internet Learning Tree
The Internet is a vast network that connects many independent networks spanning over 170 countries in the World. It links computers of many different types, sizes, and operating systems, and, of course, the many people of those countries that use the Internet to communicate.

Macintosh Tutorials
A non-profit organization dedicated to teaching people how to use their Macs. Since 1999, we’ve provided free tutorials to people around the world. Run completely by volunteers, we’ve expanded our offerings to include columns, online courses, and a video podcast.

Safe Internet Surfing
Created as a resource for kids and their parents to help them work together as they learn about important safety precautions to take while surfing the ‘net.’

Beyond the Basics

Atomic Learning
Provides free software training using a unique, just-in-time approach. Our library of thousands of short tutorials on dozens of applications are focused on answering the common questions teachers, students and anyone else may have when learning software. Mac & Windows.

Library of Congress
Use the Library of Congress web site to learn how to research history. The lessons are for students in 3rd – 12th grade and cover topics including: Thomas Edison, Presidents at Mount Rushmore, Lewis and Clark, Pioneer Women, Presidential Elections, Cesar Chavez, Sunday School Books, and Twelve lessons on North Carolina covering English, history, geography, math, music, art and science

Microsoft Excel Modules
Do you just hate to write out math work? Learn to put the problems into a spreadsheet instead! Count it as Computer Literacy, too!

Microsoft Excel Training Tutorials
Learn the ends and outs of Excel with these easy to use tutorials. These in-depth lessons will help show you how to use various Excel formulas, Tables and Charts, and more.

Dictionaries of Computer Terms

Dictionary of Computer Jargon
What did he say? You will certainly have noticed that there is lots and lots of strange gibberish associated with computers; and the industry just loves acronyms.

An online dictionary and search engine for when you need to look up computer and Internet technology terms.


Dissect a Disk
Only use an unneeded diskette. Pry it apart with a butter knife and see how it goes together. Sometimes you can rescue files from a broken floppy by putting the media in a good diskette case.

Free Typing Game
Learn to type on your keyboard through fun and interactive games, lessons and tests. No registration required.

How Flash Memory Works
The Lab Rats use brussel sprouts to explain how flash memory works. This is the type of memory used in USB drives (thumb drives) and digital cameras.

How Home Networking Works
An 11 year old could figure out this stuff. Got 2 or more computers and want to be on the net at the same time? Want to play games together? This is where to learn to get your computers together in a network.

How Modems Work
If you are reading this article on your computer at home, it probably arrived via modem. We’ll show you how a modem brings you Web pages. We’ll start with the original 300-baud modems and progress all the way through to the ADSL configurations.

Mac Help Desk
I sent a help email request at about 8 AM and by 2 PM had an answer — on a Sunday!

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