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Email Etiquette For Kids


Parent-Child Internet Agreement
Don’t wait for your parents to set the rules for your internet use: use this agreement! Print it out and show it to your parents and ask them to agree to it – they will be very impressed with how responsible you are!


Email Etiquette
When we converse, we expect other people to observe certain rules of behavior. The same is true for e-mail, the most popular form of online communication. Here are a few pointers to help you communicate more effectively.

Email Etiquette
Although instant and text/SMS messaging is beginning to supplant email for some groups’ primary means of Internet communication, effective and appropriate email etiquette is still important. This resource will help you to become an effective writer and reader/manager of email.

How Emailing Works
Have you ever wondered how e-mail gets from your desktop to a friend halfway around the world? What is a POP3 server, and how does it hold your mail? The answers may surprise you, because it turns out that e-mail is an incredibly simple system at its core.

Manners Matter
The impeccable Miss Manners on why proper netiquette is good for you. Sit up straight, folks – Miss Manners is here. She has mastered her voicemail, got control of her cell phone, and now she’s logged on to the Net. By Kevin Kelly in Wiredmagazine.

This is the complete book by Virginia Shea. It includes everything you need to know about writing courteously online.

History & Technology

Claude Chappe’s Optical Telegraph
Claude’s idea was that you could communicate a long distance with a friend if you and that friend could see each other through telescopes and you had some chalkboards to write messages.

Packet Switching
This is the technology used to break up your email into chunks that are sent over the net in pieces and the reassembled at the other end. This site is a simple flash presentation on how this works.

Smiley Lore   🙂
Yes, I am the inventor of the sideways “smiley face” (sometimes called an “emoticon”) that is commonly used in E-mail, chat, and newsgroup posts.  Or at least I’m one of the inventors. By Scott E. Fahlman, Principal Research Computer Scientist, Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Instant Messaging

AOL Instant Messenger
Exchange Instant Messages with your friends, family and fellow homeschoolers online for free.

Buddy Icons , Expressions, Away Messages , Games And More
AIM Icons or Buddy Icons for AOL Instant Messenger.

Problem Areas

Getting Rid of “Spam” and Other E-mail Pests
“Spam” is defined as “Unsolicited Commercial E-mail”. That is, e-mail you didn’t ask to be sent to you that is commercial in nature (e.g., an advertisement).

Curious about whether it’s a scam or not? Visit the Check Station for a huge list of scams to watch out for, resources to help you prevent yourself from being taken by investigating the company first and, if it’s already too late, what to do after you’ve been ripped off.

Tips to Making Friends Online
Don’t be paranoid! Providing you follow these rules you will have a great time online. We know of many Internet users who love chatting online with friends. THEY followed the rules above – WILL YOU? From McAfee, the anti-virus people.

Urban Legends Archive
If you get some dire plea or warning asking you to forward the message to others, check here first to see if this is just an online practical joke.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Users are requested to please not spread chain letters and hoaxes by sending copies to everyone you know. Learn how to recognize hoaxes, what to do about them, and some of the history of hoaxes on the Internet. Snopes Site by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson.

Virus Detection and Prevention Tips
Do not open any files attached to an email from an unknown, suspicious or untrustworthy source. This and more tips from McAfee, your source for virus protection software and reliable information.