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Homeschooling Teenagers’ Websites, Blogs, Forums

Being a Homeschooled Teenager

The Clark News
Written by 14 and 15 year-old homeschoolers, Robert and Trevor Clark. They report on everything that happens in the Clark house from the family dog running away to the family chess tournament. Articles include full color photographs, gossip columns, sports sections and a “Random Quote and fact of the Day” section.

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Chat, Message Boards & More for Homeschooled Teenagers

Apricot Pie
A web site that endeavors to give glory to home schoolers.  apricot will hopefully refresh you, like a delicious bite of a juicy, home-grown apricot.

Home Planet
Come meet some kindred spirits at this ICQ chat for homeschoolers who are absolutely sick to death of the inane, brainless chatter in most teen-chat areas.

Homeschooler’s Chat
My name is Anne. I am a homeschooler living in Texas. I wanted a fun way to talk with other homeschoolers, so I created this website just for that.

Homeschooling Teen Magazine
A monthly e-zine that is geared toward homeschooled high schoolers and young adult alumni. Much of the content is written by our subscribers, and there are many opportunities for readers to participate – whether it’s submitting book or movie reviews, sending in original short stories and poems, or writing a regular column.

Email Lists or Newsletters

Youth Homeschoolers’ Epistle
Christian newsletter is full of fellowship and fun, human-interest and humor. Website adds chat to the resources of teen subscribers.


Composed by three siblings in the UK, Jamboree has lots of projects of interest to homeschoolers: recipes, crafts, gardening, and real history top the list.


Stephanie, Age: 17. I am a slightly crazy teenage girl who’s scared of driving, boyfriends, college, romance and wasps, but loves to use her imagination and be creative. I’m not into boys, clothes, hair or make-up, but I AM into books (total bookworm!), music (especially piano), movies, chocolate, fantasy and sci-fi stuff. I’m also a homeschooled Christian pastor’s kid and DARN PROUD OF IT!!

Ava Lowrey, 14, who is home-schooled, has created this political Web site. She says she’s into more “serious stuff” than most girls her age.

Volunteering & Keeping Busy

Greater Vancouver Homelearners’ Shakespeare Troupe
Thinking of starting your own Shakespeare troupe? Here’s one support group’s experience.

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