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Let’s Talk Technology

Part two to help you prepare and plan for your STEM Fair project.

Today we are going to talk TECHNOLOGY! 

Technology projects are new for most families. 

What is a Technology Project? 

A technology project involves (of course) technology. These projects usually include executable programs that are created by the student using a programming language and follow the coding process. 

What is the coding process? 

For the Online Homeschool STEM Fair, if you want to do a science project please follow the coding process.  

Technology Project Ideas

Ready to start planning your technology project? Need some ideas? 

Start brainstorming some possible questions that you could test. 

  • How can I keep track of all my matchbox cars on my phone so I know what I have when I go shopping? 
  • What can I create to make it easier for me to remember to do my chores?

Get more ideas and help! 

Coding for Summer 
Try coding for the summer with these great ideas to keep the learning going.

Digital Games as Projects 
Not only does the process of making a video game involve a ton of scientific thinking, but it also produces something that most everyone is interested in. A fun, interesting game will make a student stand out, ensure a good grade and leave the student with something he or she can be proud of.

Planning a programming project
Becoming a programmer isn’t just about learning the syntax and the concepts of a programming language: it’s about figuring out how to use that knowledge to make programs.

Programming Help
I can’t think of a single subject that will be more important in the future our kids will inherit. Robotic systems will be everywhere they turn, and in order to customize these things, they’ll need to understand at least a little programming.

Science Buddies
Try your hand at one of these computer science projects to learn more about computers, program something interesting, or learn how to defend the cyber world. Whether you already know something about programming and computers or not, we have just the right project for you.

Science Kids 
Check out our awesome list of technology science fair projects for kids. Find easy ideas from a range of topics that will help you create your project.


Are you ready to get started?!

We have a free STEM Fair Technology Workbook to help you start planning your project! Grab your free download below!


Stay up to date with all the STEM Fair announcements! More information on technology projects, engineering projects, and how to submit your project are coming soon!







What other help can I provide for you and your homeschoolers for the Online STEM Fair? Let me know below in the comments or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram!



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