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THE A-to-Z of Homeschooling
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Drivers Ed Classes

Introductory drivers ed course often required before you can take the driving test to get your first permit. Practice driving tests from each state.

Curriculum Only

These commercial drivers ed sites give you materials for learning to drive safely, but your homeschool parent will need to give you credit.

Rules of the Road 2-Disc DVD Set

Rules of the Road 2-Disc DVD Set: Interactive Driver’s Ed Course
Jamie Salvatori (Director)
I felt the entire DVD was an excellent resource for all new drivers. I really enjoyed how it was done more from a student’s perspective. Teen-to-teen interactions will hopefully have a bigger impact. I was very impressed by [Rules of the Road]. It’s something I think every teenager should see before driver’s ed. It’s also very helpful to parents. –Wendy Forbes, Ohio Department of Public Safety
Canadian edition

Driver Ed in a Box
The program provides parents with educational materials and training tools necessary to train their teens to be safe, collision-free drivers.

This Mac and Windows CD-ROM puts you into more than 80 live-action situations. You’ll face everything from a child chasing a ball into the street to dangerous two-lane passing. You’ll learn how to see danger by actually experiencing it on your computer instead of behind the wheel.

National Drivers Training Institute
Obtaining a driver’s license can be a time of stress and conflict or it can be a time of family bonding. We at Parents Who Care, Inc. believe that drivers ed should be fun and should involve the whole family. To help you teach your new teen driver, we have developed “Help for the Teenager Who Wants to Drive”

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