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Weather for Kids

Free Resources to Explore Weather through Informative Sites, Projects, and Weather Experiments for Kids

Weather Projects For Kids
By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

Do you have a budding meteorologist in the family? Maybe a child who tries to predict the weather just by looking outside? Weather is interesting to kids, and it affects so much of what they do. Can they play outside today? Do they wear shorts or a giant, puffy snowsuit? As adults, we frequently use weather as a topic of conversation, and the weather will often make or change our family plans. Why not learn as much as we can about the weather!

Below are some free weather resources to pull into your homeschool instruction:

Weather Facts for Kids

Weather Lesson Plans & Activities for Kids

Weather Experiments & Projects for Kids


Weather Facts for Kids

Do you just want to find information about weather for kids? Here are some websites to explore:

NWS Awareness and Preparedness Calendar
Find your state’s awareness and preparedness events to play your lessons around.

The Climate 25 Documentary (Weather Channel)
For your high school students: Learn from “conversations with 25 of the smartest voices on climate, security, energy and peace.”

Meteorology Facts for Kids (Kiddle)
Learn about the science of weather and the scientists who study the weather. Explore the different areas of meteorology and the equipment meteorologists use to predict the weather.



Learning Resources: For Students (The National Severe Storms Laboratory)
The National Severe Storms Laboratory works to improve the lead time and accuracy of severe weather warnings and weather forecasts. Explore their student resources to find coloring books, worksheets and activities, and links to weather education resources and games.

Weather Instruments (The Franklin Institute)
Let your older students read this to learn about thermometers, aneroid barometers, and sling psychrometers.

Weather Wiz Kids
Designed by a meteorologist, Crystal Wicker, this site aims to help children learn about weather. Parents, teachers, and students can use the site to find lots of facts, games, puzzles, experiments and more.



Web Weather for Kids
Learn about weather safety, clouds, hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and blizzards and winter weather. Try your hand at predicting the weather or check out the games, stories, and activities. Discover teaching tips and a weather glossary.



Weather Lesson Plans & Activities for Kids

You can also put together full lessons about weather for kids. Check out these ideas for lessons and other learning activities:

6 of the Best Creative Weather Lesson Plans for Your Classroom (Earth Networks)
Read winning lesson plans selected by meteorologists during a Teachers Appreciation Week contest. Find a lesson plan on Weather and the Sun’s Effects on the Earth’s Surface (the winner) and five honorable mentions.

Latest Satellite Imagery (National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center)
Find lots of resources for teaching K-12 students about severe weather. For older students, you can also explore the rest of the National Hurricane Center’s outreach resources, including classes and workshops, presentations, publications & data, and tropical weather & hurricane learning opportunities.

Weather Collection (Scholastic)
Check here to find weather-related unit plans, lesson plans, activities, books, articles, writing prompts, and printables.

Weather Lesson Plans (Education.com)
Here is where you will find all kinds of weather lesson plans. Search by grade level if you want or find additional activities, worksheets, and more.



Weather Lesson Plans (teAchnology)
Check out this collection of weather-related lesson plans where kids can learn everything from identifying cloud types to measuring rainfall to understanding what makes the wind blow.

Weather Lesson Plans and Activities (PBS Learning Media)
Help kids learn about meteorology and weather changes and the way weather affects daily life, observe the weather using an interactive drawing tool, or write about weather using weather-related prompts. So much more!

Weather Resources for Teachers (TeacherVision)
This is a website full of resources for teaching weather on its own or within other subjects like art, science, math, language arts, and social studies. Find lesson plans, digital books, printables, quizzes, and graphic organizers. Also find resources on natural disasters and environmental science, as well as weather activities for Earth Day.


Be sure to download your Weather Observations and Comparisons printable below.


Weather Experiments & Projects for Kids

Who doesn’t want some hands-on weather science experiments for kids? Help your child learn about the weather by creating miniature versions of the weather or designing weather instruments to use at home. Weather science experiments for kids can be found on these great sites:

21 Simple Weather Experiments to Do with Children (The Active Times)
How can you and your child study weather in a fun way? Here are 21 fun ways! Make lightning in a pie pan or a convection current thunderstorm in a plastic container. How about making your own homemade thermometer or paper plate wind vane?

Clouds and Weather Experiments (Home Science Tools)
Study air pressure with a Sea Breeze experiment. Make a Barometer or create an Evaporation Station. That’s just a few!

Science Activities (Web Weather for Kids)
Did you know you can make your own miniature version of a lightning bolt? Or a miniature tornado? Make rain or fog to see how these weather phenomena occur.



Simple Weather Science Experiments for Kids (STEAMsational)
Here are 21 weather science experiments for you to try: Borax Crystal Snowflakes, Make a Science Weather Station, Make a Rain Gauge, How Fronts Work, and many more!

Students’ Cloud Observations Online (NASA)
NASA wants to know more about clouds and how they affect our atmosphere. You can join the project by making your own observations and sending them to NASA!

Tornadoes, Lightning, and Rainbows! 20 Activities for Teaching Weather (We Are Teachers)
Reflect a rainbow or predict the rain. Track a thunderstorm or make a thunderstorm front. Grow a snowflake or make magic snowballs. Don’t these experiments sound like engaging activities to help your child learn about the weather?

Weather Experiments (Weather WizKids)
Make lightning in your mouth? What? This site has some unusual weather science experiments for kids. Let your child make your hair stand up or help your child bend water. There’s a whole list!



Remember to check out our related Explore pages on Hurricanes and Tornadoes and Climate Change!



Are you aware of other interesting and fun weather resources? Share what you know in the comments below….

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