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Time4Learning Demos

Habitats – Biomes, Geology, and Life. Lessons for Kids

Introduction to Habitats

Biodiversity: Everything Counts
Study the rich diversity of life on earth. Our world is like a web made up of many strands, all connected together. Break one connection, and the whole web may change.

Biodiversity, a Youth Guide
We invite you to dive into this comprehensive youth guide for in-depth insights into biodiversity, the benefits it provides to us, the threats it faces, and what actions we can take to protect it.

Habitats: Home Sweet Home
Beginning just beyond the window, and extending past the boundaries of your town or city across the Earth’s surface, an amazing variety of habitats awaits-along with the plants and animals that live in them. National Geographic.

What’s It Like Where You Live?
Visit the earth’s “Biomes” which are areas with very different geology and plant and animal life: deserts, rainforests, tundra, taigas, temperate and grasslands. [Note: click on one of the objects at the top to see something below.]

Cities and Suburbs

Backyard Nature
Here’s how you can teach yourself to be a pretty good backyard naturalist.

Neighborhood Nature
We focus on the natural world in urbanized neighborhoods around the west side of Chicago. However, many of the things we do and discuss on the blog may be of interest to unschoolers in any suburban area.


The desert biome
Deserts cover about one fifth of the Earth’s surface and occur where rainfall is less than 50 cm/year.


Watch videoclips, play interactive games, learn ways you can help save the rain forests from your home.

Trees are alot like people, only slower. Find out how they work.

Fresh Water

Lakes, Ponds and Rivers
Investigate our waterways and learn to keep our drinking water pure.


What a flat, dull place the world would be without mountains! Covering about a fifth of the earth’s surface, mountains are found on all continents and there are even mountains under the surface of the sea.

Oceans and Coasts

Ocean Creatures
Learn about creatures of the deep: whales, sharks, sea otters, jelly fish and creatures of ancient seas.

Travel in submersibles and other ships. Find out more about waves, currents and tidal forces.


Alberta’s Special Places and The Species that Inhabit Them
The girl in the photo is enjoying a special place, a Grasslands vista in Southern Alberta. It is but one of the six diverse landscapes that make Alberta, our homeplace, so special.

Underdogs: Prairie Dogs At Home
Plunge down a prairie dog’s burrow and learn about how tey make little rooms for all their needs. From the National Geographic.

Wildlife and Habitat
Find out more about prairie dogs and waterfowl and how you can help protect the environment. From the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Swamps and Mangroves

Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore
From a coastline almost entirely covered with mangroves, Singapore now contains only a few scattered patches of mangrove. Yet the little that remains has revealed many surprising discoveries.


Winter Unit Study
Find out about really cold places, about the science of cold, fun in the snow, and winter tales.