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Time4Learning Demos

Oceans – Marine Science Unit Study for Kids

25 Things You Can Do To Save Coral Reefs
Even if you live nowhere near a coral reef and are “only a kid,” there are still many things you can do to help save these life-filled habitats.

Adopt an Ocean Drifter
Students follow their adopted drifter and analyze the sea surface temperature data in their classrooms as it’s posted online. The data are then used by both ocean scientists and students to track warm and cold currents.

California Coastal Voices
An entire book to download as a pdf in whole or in chapters to educate high school students that integrates earth science, biology, and engineering in order to come up with ideas for preserving the coastline of California, but could be applied in other coastal areas.

Careers in Oceanography
Many people associate careers in oceanography as consisting of swimming with marine animals at a marine life park or snorkeling in crystal-clear tropical waters studying coral reefs. In reality, these kinds of jobs are extremely rare.

Container shipping animation
Interactive animated videos which allow you to follow the journey of certain products from source to store with quizzes and information pit-stops along the way. (Note: Adblock disables the flash player this uses to work. You will need to disable it for this site.)

Lost City Expedition
Please join us on our cruise of discovery to the Lost City Hydrothermal Field at the summit of the Atlantis Massif. During this 32 day expedition, 24 scientists onboard the research vessel the Atlantis will dive deep into the ocean to explore active limestone chimneys that rise 200 feet above the seafloor. Navigate by the Site Map.

Marine Debris
Marine debris has become one of the most pervasive pollution problems facing the world’s ocean and waterways. Just what exactly is marine debris? Video.

One Ocean
Learn about oceans and how to take care of them. These guides provide content background for teachers, focusing especially on concepts that are challenging for students to learn.

About the tidal waves on the Bay of Bengal in the India Ocean, and how they are formed, the damage they do.

Wave Maker
Wouldn’t it be nice to see ocean waves whenever you’d like? With a little oil, a little water, and a little imagination, you can do just that with the Wave Maker.

World Oceans Day 
Learn about the world’s oceans and how to keep the oceans healthy for many years to come!