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Time4Learning Demos

Earth Science for Kids

Directory of Experiments

The Atmosphere

Climate and Global Warming for Kids
Helping kids understand and respond to the growing body of evidence that all of us could contribute less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Weather … or Not
Loads of experiments to learn more about weather.


Visit the earth’s “Biomes” which are areas with very different geology and plant and animal life: deserts, rainforests, tundra, taigas, temperate and grasslands.

Lakes, Ponds and Rivers
Investigate our waterways and learn to keep our drinking water pure.

Travel in submersibles and other ships. Find out more about waves, currents and tidal forces.

Watch videoclips, play interactive games, learn ways you can help save the rain forests from your home.


Our Planet – Earth Science
Experiments to discover more about our earth.

Kids’ love of small, tight spaces lead them to love to learn about caves, the natural play forts of even grown men at times!

Experiments Using Rocks
Teens and older children will enjoy these experiments to help explore properties of rocks and learning how rocks are formed.

Fossils are our only clues to life in the past. They help us learn about evolution.

Minerals and Gems
How kids can find and identify minerals and gems.

Rocks Activities
Activities for kids who collect rocks.

Rocks Identification
Help for kids to identify the rocks they’ve found.

Rocks & Minerals
How rocks are formed. How to collect them, and find other collectors.

Natural Hazards

Experiments, explanations, and books to help you prepare for when the earth starts shaking. (In some states, it is required that homeschools, as private schools, have an earthquake plan.)

Hurricanes – A Unit Study for Kids 
Make this your first stop toward understanding how hurricanes form and do so much damage.

Make model tornadoes, find out how they happen and what you can do to be safe.

About the tidal waves on the Bay of Bengal in the India Ocean, and how they are formed, the damage they do.

Make volcanos that really erupt and take virtual field trips to live volcanoes around the world.