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Time4Learning Demos

Caves – Studying Caves with Kids

The Art and History of Caves

Kids’ love of small, tight spaces lead them to love to learn about caves, the natural play forts of even grown men at times!

About Caves

Journey Into Amazing Caves
The story of Nancy Aulenbach and Dr. Hazel Barton, who share a love for caves and cave exploration. Join these two accomplished cavers as they explore unusual caves, like ice caves in Greenland and underwater caves in the jungles of Mexico, looking for important clues about the Earth’s past and microorganisms that inhabit its most extreme environments.

Mysterious Life of Caves
Learn about how caves form with NOVA.


Caves – DragonFlyTV
We love to plan mysterious adventures in our home state of California, and what’s more mysterious than a deep, dark, rocky cave? We explored the California Cavern to answer this DFTV question: how do cave formations change as we explore the deepest parts of the cavern?

Caves with Art

Pictograph Cave State Park
A magical place where thousands of years ago ancient people hunted and made temporary homes in caves carved by wind and water into towering sandstone cliffs.

Caves with History

Captain Jack’s Stronghold
A virtual tour of the lava crevices and caves where the Modoc Indians managed to hide for weeks and defeat the calvary sent to capture them and put them back on a reservation in Southern Oregon. There are caves in this area of northern California.More on the History of the Lava Beds National Monument

Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Colossal Cave is rich with Southwestern beauty and legends of the “Wild West”

Shenandoah Caverns & American Celebration on Parade
See beautiful underground formations like the famous Breakfast Bacon once featured in National Geographic ­ all in the only Virginia caverns with elevator service! Educational tours available.

Caves in the USA

Adventure Indiana
Bring your family to cave, canoe, and enjoy all the wonderful things we have to offer: Marengo Cave, Cave Country Canoes, and Wyandotte Caves.

Mammoth Cave National Park For Kids
A wide variety of educational opportunities for students of all ages, whether you can visit the park or not.

Ruby Falls Caves, Caverns, and Underground Waterfalls
America’s highest underground waterfall, open to the public, is located on historic Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Take a guided tour of the caves and the spectacular 145-foot waterfall.

Caves of the World

The Desert Caves Project
Sixty million years ago, a thick layer of limestone was slowly formed at the bottom of a shallow sea. Today, that same rock formation lies beneath the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Magnificent Mulu in Borneo
There were whole walls of ice-cream cones, glistening with moisture and melting down to the floor. There were miniature rain forests, clouds, and ceilings of boiling caramel.

Mt. Shasta Caves
In the heat of summer, a drive up the Sacramento Valley can be torture. A detour to go through the cool caves at Mt. Shasta can be so refreshing. Located in Dunsmuir.

The Virtual Cave
From the comfort of your keyboard, browse the wonders of the underground! As a caver and photographer for over 35 years, I’ve shot photos in caves all over the world. This site tells the story of caves in words and pictures: what’s in them and how it got there.


The National Speleological Society
Locate a caving group near you. Learn more about caves and how to explore them safely. Even listen to cave music!

Shasta Area Grotto
A conservation-minded organization devoted to the preservation and study of caves and their contents.