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Time4Learning Demos

Climate Change Experiments For Kids

Global Warming for Kids

About Climate

Global Climate Animations
Get a feel for why we have seasonal weather changes or why other regions have different weather than you do.

Climate Change For Kids
Have you heard about how the world’s getting hotter? Some people say it is. Some say it isn’t. Who’s right? And does it matter? How will it affect you and your friends? How will it affect penguins? What can we do about it?

Global Warming

Global Warming
John McChesney, director of Rock-it Science, explains the Greenhouse Effect and the theory of Global Warming, along with experiments and a crazy story to help kids remember the concepts. Time: 1 hr. 11 min. 53 sec.

Earth Day Comic: How Salmon Feed the Forests
Each year, immense schools of migrating salmon bring nutrients from the ocean to Pacific Northwest rivers—literally feeding the trees. Here’s where humans come in. An illustrated and animated article.

The EPA’s Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change
For middle school-aged kids. Think like a scientist to uncover the cause of today’s global climate change. (This is the landing page for the previous page that was available. Information is still available but no longer being updated.)

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
Direct signs of a widespread and long-term trend toward warmer global temperatures. Events that foreshadow the types of impacts likely to become more frequent and widespread with continued warming.

Global Warming Kids Page
Welcome kids! The fact that you are already here shows that you know how serious the issue of global warming is to our futures.  Here is some basic information on what global warming means, and how you can help to stop the process.

KQED eBooks and iTunesU Courses on Climate Change
Download free textbooks to iBooks on your Apple device. Subscribe to related courses in iTunesU, which are also free. For example, look into the causes of climate change, and discover how scientists develop and use climate models. Young people should get their parent’s permission before downloading anything.

Study Hall at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Education Site
Find out how watching prairie dogs, polar bears and sea turtles can tell us about dangerous changes in climates.(This is the landing page for the page before. It is no longer being updated but information is still available.

10 Things You Can Do to Help Stop Global Warming
What can one person do to help stop global warming? A lot! Our “carbon footprint” is the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from our normal daily activities. Carbon dioxide contributes to global warming.


Clean Air Activity Book : Everyday Heroes
Introducing the Air Avenger! A comic book to print out and read and use to help you understand what you as a kid can do to help to keep our air and water clean.

Cool California
If you live in California, you can calculate an estimate of your carbon footprint here. You will need some data from your parents to complete this.

Smog City
An interactive air pollution simulator that shows how your choices, environmental factors, and land use contribute to air pollution. In Smog City you’re in control so your visit can be a healthy or unhealthy experience depending on the decisions you make.

Tiki’s Quick Guide to Fracking
You’ll probably have heard about fracking. But what is it? Is it good or bad? Does it cause more pollution? Does it add to climate change? Or is it just another source of energy?


Future Fuel
You are just a kid now, but how will you get energy as an adult to fuel your home, your transportation, your devices? Is nuclear fusion the answer?

Books to Help Kids Learn More About Climate Change

The Magic School Bus And The Climate Challenge
by Joanna Cole (Author) , Bruce Degen (Illustrator)
the bestselling science series of all time to get down to the facts on global warming, so kids can understand the crisis – and how they can help solve it.Like it or not, global warming is a hot topic, and it will affect the younger generation the most. So why not turn to the teacher kids like the most, Ms. Frizzle! Only the Friz can boil all the hoopla down to the scientific facts in a fun and informative way. With trademark simplicity and wit, Joanna Cole explains why the earth is getting warmer, and Bruce Degen’s bright, action-filled illustrations make the science easy to understand and fun to learn. This team brings a new, improved understanding to climate change, engaging kids and empowering all. Teachers will cheer!

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