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Time4Learning Demos

Weather Experiments For Kids

About Weather

Billy and Maria
A series of coloring books in Adobe Acrobat format for children who want to learn about weather through art. Download and print out.

Dan’s Wild, Wild Weather Page
An interactive weather page for older students.

Weather Doctor
Great for your unit studies, as there are links not only to the scientific aspects of weather, but also its place in history and inspiring artists.

Weather Wiz Kids
Hi everybody, I’m Meteorologist Crystal Wicker. I designed this website especially for kids to allow them to learn more about the fascinating world of weather. Facts, games, puzzles, experiments and more.

What Causes the Seasons?
Just as Earth’s unique atmosphere and its distance from the Sun work together to make Earth the right temperature to support life, Earth’s orbit and its rotation work together to create the seasons.


Careers in Atmospheric Research and Applied Meteorology
Do you have a deep curiosity about the world around you? As a meteorologist, you can satisfy that curiosity by investigating the natural forces that shape our weather and climate.

Classes to Learn About Weather

JetStream, the National Weather Service Online Weather School
High School and older. The information contained in JetStream is arranged by subject; beginning with global and large scale weather patterns followed by lessons on air masses, wind patterns, cloud formations, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, damaging winds, tornados, tropical storms, cyclones and flooding. Interspersed in JetStream are “Learning Lessons” which can be used to enhance the educational experience.

NSSL Learning Resources
Young students. Coloring books and activities, worksheets, trading cards, and more weather education resources primarily for elementary aged children. Examples: Billy and Maria Coloring Books, and Owlie Skywarn™ Coloring Books.

Climate & Global Warming

Climate and Global Warming for Kids
Helping kids understand and respond to the growing body of evidence that all of us could contribute less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Lightning in a Pan
Try this easy experiment to make your own miniature version of a lightning bolt.

Students’ Cloud Observations Online
Join with students all over the world by reporting what you notice in the sky. Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line (S’COOL) is a hands-on project which supports NASA research on the Earth’s climate. Science, math, and geogra- phy are used as students observe, compute and lo- cate vital information through ground truth observa- tions for the CERES instrument. Flyer with additional information.

Weather Science Activities
Here is a list of our hands-on science activities for you to select.


Cloud Formation Flashcards
Are you trying to memorize cloud names? Test yourself with these flashcards. After a slight hesitation, the names are spelled and pronounced for you.

Kids’ Crossing
Game for kids. A Science Education Resource for Elementary and Middle School Educators – a guide for parents and teachers.

What a big word for just meaning “finding clouds that look like things.” A lesson plan for studying cloud shapes.


Forecasting: Using pressure and wind
Here are some general statements of wind-barometer indications that are generally applicable to all parts of the United States

Franklin’s Forecast
Directions for making your own weather station and becoming the weather forecaster for your neighborhood.

Make an Anemometer
Kids may find “anemometer” difficult to say, but they’ll find an anemometer easy to make by following the instructions for this simple Dixie cup model.


Latest Satellite Imagery
Images linked from this page are located on servers at the Satellite Services Division of the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service . Blank maps available so you can use the data and images here to create a storm map.

Web Weather For Kids
A charming site. Make a thunderstorm, lightning or a tornado. Figure out how far away lightning is.

Winter Storms
What does it take to make a blizzard?

See also Hurricanes and Tornadoes


Converting between temperature scales
The chart below will help you quickly make rough conversions between the Fahrenheit and Calsius temperature scales.

Who Invented the Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Scales and What Zero Degrees Fahrenheit Signifies
0 degrees Celsius is the freezing point of water. So what is 0 degrees Fahrenheit? Who came up with Celsius and Fahrenheit?

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