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Time4Learning Demos

River Pond Lake Science Experiments For Kids

World Water Day for Kids
Join Goccia, the official mascot of World Water Day, March 22, 2013, to learn about how water changes states and recycles itself on our planet. Create a logo like the one I have above. Download a great new poster developed by the United States Geological Survey and the UN-Water Communications team.

All Along a River
Created by Chinese high school students in Singapore, you’ll walk along the banks of the Singapore River and learn about its formation and the people who live by it.

Aquatic Listening Device
The following device was designed to listen to aquatic sounds. It has only been tested in a small freshwater pond. During the test not much was heard, some rustling about, some snaps and an occasional click. I suspect that a pond is a pretty quite place.

Darby Duck and the Aquatic Crusaders
Become an Aquatic Crusader and join Darby Duck in the fight against water pollution!

Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids’ Stuff 
Games, experiments and activities. Is your water safe to drink? How can you tell? From the EPA.

The Everglades
Once a healthy eight-million acre “river of grass,” the Everglades has been reduced to half its original size by a century of agricultural growth, urban sprawl and unwise water management.

Following the Danube River
Historical memory in the Danube basin is as long as the river itself. Through history, conflicts between the river civilizations have often resulted in bloody battle.

Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water, and two-thirds of that is tucked away in frozen glaciers or otherwise unavailable for our use. Clean freshwater is a luxury in many parts of the world.

Great Canadian Rivers
We invite you to take a multimedia tour of some of Canada’s greatest rivers. Explore the history, ecosystems, culture, recreation and economy of Canadian waterways.

Hydro Tours
A virtual walk through an hydroelectric project. Learn how fish are helped to get around the dam.

The Nature of Water
Water is nature’s magician. Water is the solvent, the medium and the participant in most of the chemical reactions occurring in our environment.

The Panama Canal
Find out about its history, how it works, and watch ships going through via a webcam.

Pond Ecology
While this may appear to be a bit “dry” at first, skim down to where it talks about how to set up an aquarium for bringing home pond life so you can observe it better.

Pond Ecology at The Wilds

Ponds & Lakes
Join our Road Scholars as they investigate fresh water ecosystems “Down the Mississippi”! They’ll stop to investigate some real world issues along the way and need your help!

Pond Life
Interactive site where you create your own pond by dragging and dropping the plants and critters where you want them to go.

Pond Web
A book about pond life for small children. Read and turn the pages online. Click on the question marks to find the answers. A great way for young children to learn the names of pond creatures. and who eats which others.

Project Wet
A series of games and stories in pdf format to print out and play or read. Of interest from preschool through junior high age.

Rivers and Coasts
Join us on a field trip down a river and along an ocean’s coastline.

Rivers & Streams
Learn about watersheds and how a stream is formed and becomes a river.

Table-Top Biosphere
The whole idea is to create an entirely self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem within a completely sealed jam jar. If you do it right, your freshwater shrimp “aquanaut” will be able to survive for months without your ever needing to feed it or even open the jar.

Test for Acid Mine Drainage
Science experiments for kids living where creeks are orange, yellow, or red. From the USGS.

WABO and IP’s Adventures
Pocketed between the clouds, you’ll find the neighborhood of WABO, short for Waterboy, and his family and friends, his best friend, IP, short for half a drip, is from O-Zone. A “Flashy” way to learn about the water cycle.

The Water Cycle Rap (with lyrics)

Water Life
Water is everything and every where. Animated, interactive site about the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence River.

The Watershed Game
Many things happen in a watershed that affect the quality of the water we rely upon. What are they? Would you make the best decisions in managing your watershed?

Nurseries for baby birds, these flooded areas help prevent damaging floods in populated areas.

What’s It Like Where You Live?
You’ll find a wide variety of animal life in or around fresh water ecosystems…aquatic birds… amphibians..mammals and of course, a wide variety of fish.
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