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Everything A2Z: Resource Roundup for July

We have made it to July!

Summer is in full swing. The temperatures are rising, the pools are full, and fireflies are twinkling at night. 

July is full of interesting days to explore science, history, and safety! So, let’s get learning! 



Monthly Themes: 

Ice Cream Month 

Take a break from the heat with some ice cream. 

Picnic Month 

Grab your blanket, fill the basket, and go eat outside!


Weekly Themes:

Dog Days of Summer 

The hottest days of summer are known as “dogs day of summer” but how did that name come about? The phrase is a reference to the fact that the Sun is in the same region of the sky as Sirius during this time. Sirius is the brightest star that can be seen from any part of Earth and is part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. 


Clean Beaches Week 

It is no secret that our beaches get left with lots of trash each year. 


National Moth Week

National Moth Week was created to help others learn about the often overlooked Moth. 


Important Days: 

Independence Day 


Embrace your geekness day


International Rock Day  


Shark Awareness Day 




Pet Fire Safety Day


Moon Day/Space Exploration Day


Parents’ Day  



International Tiger Day 

  • From domesticated to exotic, we love cats! Learn more about these purrfect animals with a cat unit study



Keep the learning going for this month and make sure to come back the first week of August for that month’s Resource Roundup! 


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