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Time4Learning Demos

Earthquake Preparedness For Kids

Experiments, explanations and books to learn more about earthquakes. Earthquake Preparedness websites recommended by your Homeschool Guide.

Faultlines, FAQs, and all…

About Quakes

All About Earthquakes: Frequently Asked Questions
Here we present answers to frequently asked questions about earthquakes and earthquake hazards, with a focus on western Canada.

California Has Its Faults
A fault is a fracture along which there is movement. Some faults are actually composed of several fractures called fault branches. Collectively the branches are a fault zone.

Faultline: Why the Earth Shakes
What is it? What could make the normally stable earth move like this? Exploratorium website.

Savage Earth: Restless Planet
Though plate tectonics is a global phenomenon and virtually invisible to us in our daily lives, it introduces enormous stresses in the crust where we live. From time to time, stressed-out crust releases the stress in sudden fits: earthquakes.

SCEC’s K-14 Earthquake Education Initiative
SCEC’s K-14 Earthquake Education Initiative seeks to educate and prepare California students for living in earthquake country.

USGS Earthquakes For Kids
Fun and educational activities and information for kids.

Build a Demo

Candy Quakes
A lesson plan using a variety of candy which you will quish in a number of ways to demonstrate forces on earth rocks. Clean up is the best part.

Science Fair Project Ideas
Lots of ideas and then links to sites with even more ideas for science fair or personal investigations.

You Try It: Plate Tetonics
Take a hard-boiled egg and crack its shell. Does the egg remind you of anything? The Earth, perhaps? The egg could be seen as a tiny model of the Earth.

Games and Puzzles

Earthquake Crossword Puzzle
To print out or use online, if you have Java. See if you know how to protect yourself during an earthquake.

Historic Earthquakes

Largest Earthquakes in the United States
The largest was the 9.2 quake in Prince William Sound, Alaska, in 1964. Ask your parents if they remember it. Photos may be disturbing to some children.


The Great 1906 Earthquake And Fire
April 18, 1906: San Francisco was wrecked by a Great Earthquake at 5:13 a.m., and then destroyed by the seventh Great Fire that burned for four days.

The Great Shake: San Francisco, 1906
John Farish, a mining engineer who was staying at the St. Francis, one of the city’s finest hotels, remembered the very early morning of Wednesday, April 18, 1906.

Story of an Eyewitness
Collier’s, May 5, 1906. Jack London went to the scene of the San Francisco Fire & Earthquake and wrote the following dramatic description of the tragic events he witnessed in the burning city.

Measuring Earthquakes

Did you feel it?
Was that a quake or a truck going by? Sure it was a quake, but how big was it? Check here.

Homebuilt Seismograph
Frequently people ask if it is possible for the layperson to monitor earthquakes as a hobby. The answer is, YES. Is it feasible? Maybe…

How to Build an Inexpensive Seismometer
Detailed information on how to build a seismometer that can detect earthquakes worldwide. This inexpensive design is based microprocessors and newer chips.

Preparation-Earthquake Preparedness

Berkeley Earthquake Awareness Review
Good video from UC Berkeley students on how to prepare and react to an earthquake. Though this is for college students, the advice for any teenagers on how to arrange their rooms even in a home is still good advice.

Earthquake Survival – How to Survive a Devastating Earthquake
The bed shakes a bit at first. An item or two falls over on your bookcase. And then things start to rumble. Everything around you that had always been for your pleasure – your TV, your bookcase, everything that can be moved – is now your enemy.

How Earthquake-Proof Buildings Are Designed
Throughout history, we’ve built impressive structures and cities only for them to encounter the forces of nature. How do they design earthquake-proof buildings?

How you protect yourself when an earthquake hits might be all wrong
Sure, you might know “drop, cover and hold on” by heart. But earthquake safety experts are revising their graphics for what to do in an earthquake. They fear the public may have missed key points on what to do in most situations when the shaking starts.

What’s One Feel Like?

A Child’s View of Earthquake Facts and Feelings
Children’s drawings depicting what it felt like during an earthquake and the feelings they had.

FEMA for Kids: Earthquakes
Most of the time, you will notice an earthquake by the gentle shaking of the ground. You may notice hanging plants swaying or objects wobbling on shelves. Sometimes you may hear a low rumbling noise or feel a sharp jolt.