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Time4Learning Demos

Homemade Musical Instruments

For Small Children

Little children can make these with a little adult supervision. Scissors needed for cutting. Some gluing. Tuning unnecessary or minimal.

Children’s Music by Nancy Stewart – Homemade Instruments
Here are some musical instruments you can make with your child from everyday items: Plastic Egg Shakers, Paper Mache Fruit Shakers, Jingle Sticks, African Tambourine, Sand Blocks, Juice Can Shakers, Jingle Bracelets, and Quilting Hoop Drum.

Preschool Musical Instruments
Very simple musical instruments little children can make and play.


Children 6-10 will find these easy to make. Scissors or box cutting knife or glue gun may be needed. Tuning not difficult.

Easy to Make Musical Instruments
Make your own musical instruments with your children with these fun easy to make ideas!

Panpipes by Phil Tulga
Building pan pipes is a fun way for students to apply their knowledge of measurement and length. As they will hear: longer tubes produce a lower pitch, and shorter tubes produce a higher pitch.

Singing Glasses
What dinner party is complete without a song from the Wine Glass Symphony? You’ll need a few wine glasses, some water, and a tune in mind to demonstrate the sounds of science. Amaze everyone and display incredibly bad manners all at once.

Water Bottle Xylophone
Start by getting five 20-ounce Sobe juice bottles. Fill each bottle with the amounts of water shown above using U.S. fluid ounces or milliliters. Mark your bottles carefully at the water level with a permanent marker. Number your bottles 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 and arrange them in the order above — 1 on your left and 6 on your right. Gently tap the middle of the bottle with a metal spoon. Tip: go to the grocery store with a metal spoon and test the small bottles you find there. Buy the ones that sound good, and are in a flavor you’ll enjoy drinking.

Books for Making and Learning to Play Homemade Instruments

Orff Adventures for Children

Orff Adventures for Children
Body Percussion, Folk and Original Orff Arrangements for Children
by Jerry Richard Bradley
This is a book of Orff Music Lessons, activities, body percussion and Orff Instrument arrangements. It’s a full six weeks or more of musical lessons as each lesson will take multiple days to teach effectively. These lessons have been kid tested and approved by an Orff Certified instructor, currently engaged in teaching elementary music students.

Making Music

Making Music
From Tambourines to Rainsticks to Dandelion Trumpets, Walnut Castanets to Shepherd’s Pipes to an Abundance of Homemade Drums, Here Is a … Assortment of Good Sounds from Found Objects
by John Langstaff (Author), Ann Sayre Wiseman (Author)
Duet for Zipper and Velcro. Sonata for Milk Carton Guitar. Kitchen Concerto. Every home and classroom is crammed with objects kids can use to make music. This book teaches kids, parents, and teachers how to see musical possibilities in everything from a crumpled sheet of paper to thimbles glued to the fingertips of a glove .Two of the most respected names in arts education for children have teamed up to produce Making Music. With her imaginative projects and whimsical drawings, Ann Sayre Wiseman shows kids how to make rhythm, string, wind, and keyboard instruments from all kinds of household items and natural materials.

For Small Children | Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced | Utilities

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