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Photography For Kids

Photography for Kids eCourse
Boosting a child’s confidence & creativity!
We make learning to use a camera fun!

Classes Online – Free!

BetterPhoto for Kids and Teens
Whether you have been snapping pics for a while or you are just picking up a camera for the first time, this site is for you! We are here to help you learn how to take great photos.

15 Projects
Like all creatives, photographers can sometimes experience creative block or a lack of interesting ideas, no matter what side of the school desk they are sitting on. One way for photography mentors and teachers to fight this problem is through the use of creative assignments.

Kodak’s Fun for Kids Photo Projects
Whether you want a little information or a lot, it’s all here! Look-up a quick photo tip, follow the steps for e-mailing a picture, or explore black-and-white photography. Kodak has lots of information, tips, and fun ideas for you.

Photoshop User TV
Weekly online TV shows with tips and tricks for using Adobe Photoshop.

History of the Camera

Yosemite’s Ansel Adams
Video. Meet Michael Adams, son of Ansel Adams, as he tells you about growing up with his sister, Ann, in Yosemite, helping his father take his famous photographs.

iPhone and Smartphone Photography

Watch photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks using an iPhone 5S. Most tricks will work on any phone with a camera.

Photo Editing on an iPhone or iPad
Here is a list of the photo editing apps I intend to help you with to make your otherwise dull photos really pop! Some are free and others I recommend are very low cost.

Making Movies

iMovie Tutorials
Apple “storyboards” tips for making a good movie using your video camera and iMovie, and how to publish it on YouTube.

Get a Lego set or your favorite action figure, hook up your digital camera to your Mac, get iStopMotion and start doing your own fun stop motion animation or time lapse movies. Be sure to see the examples to give you ideas and suggestions.

Pinhole Cameras

How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera
A pinhole camera is a small, light-tight can or box with a black interior and a tiny hole in the center of one end. By using common household materials, you can make a camera that will produce pictures. From Kodak.

Make a Digital Pinhole Camera
For the best results, you need a digital SLR (so you can remove the lens), a body cap (the cover that screws onto the camera body when there’s no lens attached), some heavy foil, and electrical tape. Ready to play along?

Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography
This site not only helps you build your own cammera, but also explains how you can get a photograph from a tiny pinhole.

Pringles Can Pinhole Camera
Recycle a potato chip can into a simple camera.

Special Shots

How to Photograph Fireworks
Fireworks are photographed by opening the camera’s shutter over a period of several seconds to let the fireworks’ streamers draw lines on the film.

How To Photograph Football
Simplification involves leaving in details that impart pertinent information, as well as eliminating details that distract. A corollary of using a fast shutter-speed is to use a fast film.

Tricks for Pet Photography
Taking pictures of pets is a great time to practice creating mood and story, by telling the story from your pet’s point of view.

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Wildlife Research Photography
MoosePeterson.com is a website dedicated to my great passion, wildlife photography. Lots go into that passion, everything from the tools and techniques to capturing the image to the tools and techniques to presenting the final image.

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