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Homemade Musical Instruments – Intermediate

Intermediate Musical Instruments

Children between 10-14 will like these. Saw or other sharp tools needed. Low to moderate cost with materials found at a hardware store. Good ear needed for tuning.

Bleach Bottle Banjo
The basic idea for the banjo probably developed in Africa hundreds of years ago and transferred to the Americas during the slave trade era when simply fashioned stringed instruments were made by rural folk using whatever was at hand.

Dennis Havlena’s Musical Instruments to Make
Articles here include how-to-build simple & inexpensive but nice sounding/playing musical instruments. Kids may need a parent’s help.

Construction and Assembly Instructions. Need old turntable and one very old 78 RPM record. You’ll probably find these in your grandparents’ storage area.

Inventing Homemade Instruments with Math and Measurement
Welcome to Phil and Sarah’s page on making homemade musical instruments — where common household items are transformed into musical marvels using math and measurement.

Books for Making Homemade Instruments

Junkyard Jam Band

Junkyard Jam Band
Easy-to-Make Musical Instruments and Noisemakers
by David Erik Nelson
Making music isn’t about dropping big bucks in the guitar shop or endlessly fiddling with expensive software. It’s about wringing good noise out of bits of wood and wire, crafting your own sound with plastic and steel. When you create your own instruments, creating your own sound comes naturally.Junkyard Jam Band is a step-by-step guide to making a full array of complete musical projects on the cheap, no previous carpentry or electronics experience required. Each build includes tips on how to coax the best sounds out of the instrument and encourages you to mod the project to fit your own style.
Canadian editions
Nifty Thrifty Crafts for Kids

Nifty Thrifty Crafts for Kids
by Felicia Lowenstein Niven
Start your own band after you create these ten musical instruments for next to nothing. Learn how to make everything from maracas to a xylophone using inexpensive materials found at home or in the classroom. Make panpipes, a Colonial drum, or a ukulele.
Canadian editions
Let's Make Music!

Let’s Make Music!: An Interactive Musical Trip Around the World
by Jessica Baron Turner
This unique book/audio package lets children sing and play songs from around the world by making their own musical instruments. The book includes easy-to-follow instructions for making and playing 10 percussion instruments by using recycled, everyday items. Each instrument project includes background information on its culture of origin, activities and games involving the instrument, a suggested reading list for more information on the culture, and a song to play with the instrument. The delightful accompanying recording features traditional songs so kids can play and sing along. The book is full of close-up photos to help in making and playing the instruments.
Canadian editions

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