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Time4Learning Demos

Making Puppets

Puppets for Beginners through Advanced.

Put on a puppet show for your family and friends. Everything you you need for making puppets and putting on a puppet show.
I wanted to share a tip that I have been using to make very inexpensive puppets. Stuffed animals are usually cheap at garage and rummage sales, and there are so many kinds of characters! I start by determing where to cut for the hand to fit into then take out most of the stuffing. Some need a little stuffing left for filling out the head.
~ Barbara Clinansmith


Legends & Lore – Kid Fun
Directions for making simple puppets for small children. Pages to color. Poems to read while playing with your puppets. Coming soon: puppet show scripts!

Make Puppets and Marionettes for Kids
How to Make puppets (finger puppets, hand puppets, sock puppets, shadow puppets) with the following arts and crafts decorations, instructions, patterns, and activities for children, teens, preschoolers.

Puppets and Marionettes
These crafts projects are for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. The crafts use materials found around the house.

Puppets to Eat
Most of these recipes will need some adult supervision, but once they are assembled, these puppets will be fun to play with…and then eat! Great for some show where a character gets eaten in the plot!

Puppets to Make
To make an elephant puppet, cat puppet, monkey puppet, or bunny puppet, click on each of these pictures or their names and they will take you to their cut outs page. You will need lunch sized paper bags and crayons.

Sock Puppets
A Sock is a wonderful thing. It can warm a foot, that’s for sure. Better yet, it can become a zillion different critters. Sock puppets are easy to make.


Animal Hand Puppets
Patterns and instructions for making puppets for small hands or enlarge for older children. Patterns include: bear, cat, owl and frog.

Ballerina Marionette
Make a Ballerina Marionette. When you pull the string, the arms and legs move.

Homeschool Distractions – Sock Puppets
Some of the puppets created were simply amazing given the limited supplies we had on hand: simply some tube socks, some limited colors of yarn, some felt, a bucket full of buttons, needle and thread, and hot glue guns.


Make a Hand Puppet
Get started today making your own easy to use hand puppet family, or use your imagination and design your own hand puppet designs from this easy pattern.

Puppet Builder
My name is Nick Barone, I am a professional puppeteer and I have been building and performing puppets professionally since 1991.

Puppet Theatre – Easy to Make
This is a really simple-to-make Puppet Theatre. Make it from a large cardboard box or an inexpensive Foam display board from an office supply store. Foldable and guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the kids.


Puppetry Home Page
Sagecraft Productions presents information about the theater’s most enthralling art form. Learn to make puppets, put on shows, leave messages for other puppeteers.

Puppetry Home Page for Story Tellers
A very large site with all sorts of resources for those who love to tell stories with a puppet. [Puppet graphic from this site.]

The World of Puppets
A history of British and American puppetry on television. Presented in a delightful way to try to prove that puppets are not just for kids.


The Plays the Thing
So…you have puppets, they look alive and you have tons of ideas for using them. What’s the next step? Here are a few facts, opinions and reminders about puppet plays and puppet playwriting that might help. From Legends & Lore.

Punch and Judy Plays
By today’s standards, these puppet shows are shocking stories of family violence, but for about a century before Saturday morning cartoons kids used to adore these characters. Three scripts dating from 1832, 1851, and 1960 for you to enjoy with your puppets.

Shadow Puppets

Hand Shadow Puppets
Here’s the deal: learn how to do shadow puppets now, so that you can entertain yourself and those around you, next time the power goes out.

Shadow Puppets
Kids can cast a shadowy show of their own hands.

Tips & Tricks

Making Puppets Come Alive
Until the appropriate gestures and voices are added, a puppet is just a wiggling lump of cloth. The way you hold and move your puppet is very important. From Puppet Universe.

Making Your Figure Talk
Many people think ventriloquists “throw their voices.” This is not true. It is only an optical illusion. It just appears that way because the ventriloquist is looking at the figure when (s)he makes the figure talk. By Carol Greene.

Puppet Manipulation
Until the appropriate gestures and voices are added, a puppet is just a wiggling lump of cloth. The way you hold and move your puppet is very important.

Throwing Your Voice
Sometimes with a puppet that is being held in your arms in front of your audience, you may want to learn ventriloquism to make it seem like the puppet is alive, and doing the talking.