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Parlor And Field Games For Kids

Games for Kids

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Directions and rules to favorite children’s games.

Car Games

Car Games
Playing games with kids can make a long car trip both pleasant and educational.


Chess Kids Academy
Interactive chess lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles for kids. Play chess against the computer. Free online chess books for kids – download and print. Everything you need to run a chess club.

Field Games

Games Kids Play
Need the rules for “Kick the Can” or “Duck Duck Goose?” These and about 50 more on this site.

The Great Game List
Rules and directions for all sorts of games, from ball games, card games, circle games, and more. Most would be suitable for fun at your homeschool Park Day.

Live Action Role Play (LARP)
LARP has been a HUGE hit with California homeschoolers, and is played at our conferences and campouts. This site has the rules, and some of the history.

Neuroscience for Kids – Outside Games
Field games that also help kids learn how the brain and nervous system work.

Outdoor Games For Kids
Rules and directions for timeless games for kids: Capture the Flag, Heads up Seven up, Red Light Green Light, and more.

Burlap Potato Sacks 23x40

3 Legged Three Leg Race Band

Cone Set

Bean Bags

Game Parts

Random Number Generator
Need a way to make a game fair? This random number generator can flip coins, roll dice, randomly order questions or contestants. check here to see how others have used this website.

Folding Blank Board

Folding Blank Game Board with Blue Pebble Cover
by Ashley Productions
Package Quantity: 1
Excellent Quality.
Great Gift Idea.
Satisfaction Ensured.
Produced with the highest grade materials

Indoor Games

Card Games
Bringing you rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world.


Kotaro Pro Bamboo Kendama Toy with Extra String and Holster
by Kotaro Kendama
These were all the rage at the homeschool conference in California this past summer (2015). The vendor sold out!

A Million Ways to Play Marbles (at least)
Hey, that’d be neat. We could get all these junk pipes and put together this big, complicated thing to roll marbles through. Oh, and we could make some parts of it swivel so we could make infinite adjustments, you know, and shoot a marble anywhere. I wonder how far we could make it shoot? Trajectory! Listen to this being read.

Speed Stacking
Speed Stacking is growing in popularity among homeschoolers, who find this easy to take to Park Days.

Party Games

Party Games for 5th-8th Graders
Keep big kids giggling and having a great time at a party.

Trading Card Games

Pokemon Learning League
Try the free previews, and see if you like learning along with your Pokemon friends.

Wizards of the Coast
Find out the latest news and tips about your favorite trading cards: Magic, the Gathering; Star Wars, Dungeon and Dragons; Books, and more.

Yu-gi-oh Trading Card Game
The main battles are waged between incredible monsters split into an amazing 20 types, each with their own unique skills and fighting styles. In addition, players can use magic, set traps, change the battlefield itself, and even fuse two monsters together to form a monster of immense power!