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Time4Learning Demos

How To Teach Swimming to Kids

Photos and animated graphics of proper strokes help kids enjoy the pool, learn synchronized swimming, water polo, diving, pool games and more.


Articles on Workouts and Technique
Directory of articles on how to improve your strokes.

Breaststroke Breakthrough
To break through to a new level in your breaststroke, don’t hammer it, polish it. Here are 8 ways to make sure your stroke is the sleekest, shiniest jewel in the pool. By Terry Laughlin Photos by David Madison.

FINA Swimming Rules and Regulations
Regulations for Olympic swimmers.

How to Teach a Child to Swim
A simple lesson plan, combined with patience and support, is the right approach to teaching a child how to swim.

Models of Proper Swim Techniques
Photos of such things as proper strokes and turns.

Swimming and Lifeguarding
The American Red Cross often sponsors pool safety, swimming classes and life saving courses at your community pool.

Swimming Merit Badge Requirements for Boy Scouts
Either this Merit Badge or Hiking MB or Cycling MB is Required to earn the Eagle Scout Rank.


Diving Plongeon Canada
The country’s national governing body of springboard and platform diving. With a membership that includes some of the world’s best divers, coaches and officials, we advocate the interests of our sport and share a goal to produce national and international champions.

FINA Diving Rules
These Rules shall govern all Diving competitions covered by BL 6 and GR 10 (Olympic Games and World Championships), GR 11.2 (World Diving Cup) and GR 12 (World Junior Championships).

US Diver – Springboard Diving
Diving is classified as an art as well as a sport. Beauty and grace must be added to feats of strength and agility while the body is moving through the air. The diver must have total body control and good kinesthetic awareness.


Australian OzFin Association
Elite competitors use a tale shaped Mono Fin where two feet fit into one large blade, but some still compete in duo fins or flippers. Elite competitors also swim without arms and use a special front fitting snorkel to breathe, moving through the water in a dolphin style motion.

Life Saving

American Red Cross GuardStart
Prepares 11- to 14-year olds to take American Red Cross Lifeguarding certification programs and for future work as lifeguards. The GuardStart program helps participants build a foundation of knowledge, attitudes, and skills that they will need to be responsible lifeguards.

Surf Life Saving in Australia – a Canadian Perspective
This site follows the experiences of a Canadian lifeguard as she traveled to Australian surf lifesaving clubs during 2001.

United States Lifesaving Association
Water safety and Junior Lifeguard programs.

Open Water Swimming

California Junior Lifeguards
Provides training on how to be safe in the surf.

FINA Open Water Swimming Rules and Regulations
All World Championships, World Cups, and FINA Events, shall be governed by the rules of FINA with the following exceptions and additions.

Rip Currents or Undertows
A person caught in these rips will quickly be hauled under or taken out to sea. If you find yourself unable to overcome a rip do not panic. Remain calm and swim parallel to the beach.

Swimming Holes East
You have found THE web site for over 400 beautiful, natural swimming places in 20 States in the Eastern U.S. – swimming holes from Maine to Florida.

Wild Over Waterways
Fun things to do. Games and information for kids when around water. Remember to be SAFE – Stay Away From the Edge!

Pool Games

Marco Polo
Object of the Game: Not to get caught by “Marco” (the person who is “it”) Rules and variations.

Swimming Pool Games
The games mentioned here should only be played in purpose built swimming pools and by those who are able to swim without help.

Swim Clubs

iSPort Swimming
Listing with links for swim clubs in the USA, Canada, and in international locations. Locate pools and swim shops, too. Social network for those 13 and older.

Swimming/ Natation Canada
Club contacts, meet information. This is the Canadian Olympic swimming club.

USA Swimming Organization
Look for clubs associated with this organization if you wish to learn the proper strokes for possible Olympic Competition.

Synchronized Swimming

FINA Synchronised Swimming Rules and Regulations
Illustrations of basic and advanced movements.

Synchro Swimming USA
Find a club. What’s up with the nose clip, hair gel and makeup? How to get knox gelatin out of your hair!

Water Polo

FINA Water Polo Rules and Regulations
These Regulations contain basic regulations for fair play, ethical and moral behavior, and general discipline in Water Polo at FINA Events.

How to Watch Water Polo
Water polo can best be described as contact soccer in a pool, in which athletes use their arms, not their legs, to throw the ball through the opponent’s goal.

NCAA Women’s Water Polo
Watch streaming video here of important water polo events.

United States Water Polo
The game that evolved into modern water polo began as a form of rugby football played in rivers and lakes with the object to “carry” the ball to the opponent’s side. Find out news and information about this sport.

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